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ByteBrothers / Triplett

About company

Take three of the most revered brand names in the electrical and electronics world, combine them into one company – and you have the world’s #1 destination for cable and electrical testing and monitoring equipment.

It all started with the Triplett Corporation, which has been an innovator in the field of electrical test equipment for more than a century. Triplett meters have been standard equipment for many industries as well as the military since that time; two of its landmark products have been the Model 310 hand-held volt/ohm meter and the Fox & Hound cable tracing kit, still in widespread use today.

In 2007 Triplett was purchased by Jewell Instruments, which has been a market leader in the manufacture of transportation, medical and industrial sensors and meters since the mid-20th century. After that, Byte Brothers and its innovative, technologically-advanced lines of cable testing products joined the family – and the combined group continues to break new ground in the fields of testing and troubleshooting equipment.


Just one of the many outstanding ByteBrothers/Triplett products that professionals (and many amateurs) depend on is the entry-level TVR10/100/1000 LAN tester (all speeds, half/full duplex), which is able to completely test, verify and repair all Base-T networks and even detect PoE signals. This innovative piece of equipment saves an enormous amount of time and eliminates the need to carry the seven different testers once required to do everything the TVR10/100/1000 can do.

The company is far from a one-trick pony. Byte Brothers/Triplett produces and sells a huge range of invaluable testing products and accessories: cable and network testers and power panels, closed-circuit television and security system testing and calibration equipment (for both monitors and cameras), and many other devices which make life simple for installation pros. The company also produces a large selection of video systems to allow easy inspections behind walls and into ductwork, conduits and bays, environmental test equipment, and mapping/troubleshooting devices.

Triplett, ByteBrothers and Jewell have been the gold standard in testing and monitoring solutions for decades, and remain the gold standard today.

At Cmple, we stand by the superior quality of our products, and the brands we carry. We are proud to be an authorized dealer of the ByteBrothers / Triplett line of products.

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