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How do you mount home theater speakers in your living room?

Home theater systems in living rooms provide the convenience of watching marvelous movies in the comfort of your home. In order to attain the total immersion experience that a theater provides, you need to have a stellar HDTV and a surround sound speaker system as part of your home theater network. Apart from mounting the HDTV, you need to place the surround sound speakers at the best possible locations in your living room to enhance the listening experience.

General Configuration of Speakers

As a rule, the main speaker should be placed below the HDTV and at the same level as your ear when you are seated. By placing this speaker close to the TV screen you will be able to feel that the dialogue comes from the screen.

TV and speakers home theater

The two left and right stereo speakers should be placed equidistant from the main speaker and at the level of your ear. The two speakers and the main seating area should form an equilateral triangle.

The two rear speakers should be behind and above the seating area to deliver the best sound effects.

Other Considerations

Apart from the general configuration, most people looking to install a home theater in their living rooms need to worry about the décor and furnishings of the room. Speakers should be placed such that the sound they emit is not blocked or distorted by other furniture. Additionally, they cannot be placed in enclosed structures or too close to corners.

Modern Home Theater Set Up

One way of overcoming many of these issues with regard to placing surround sound speakers for a home theater system is to use wall mountable, compact speakers. These speakers provide you with the opportunity to place the speakers discretely without impacting on the décor of the room, are out of the way, and yet located at the right spot to maximize listening and viewing pleasure.

Speaker Wall Mounts

home theater audio speakers positioning

There are two different types of speaker wall mounts available. One wall mount can be used only on walls, while the other can be used to mount the speaker either on the wall or the ceiling. The sturdy wall mounts for speakers are black in color and can hold up to 3.5 kg in weight. They can be tilted, pivoted, or rotated to adjust the angle at which the speaker sits. The wall and ceiling speaker mount comes in a universal model that fits most speaker brands. It has 1-, 2-, and 4-hole adapters for ease of installation.


Another consideration when placing speakers around a room is to ensure that the wiring is concealed. The best way to do this is to use simple plain wiring concealers that cover the wire and attach to the wall with adhesive tape. You can then paint the concealing cover to camouflage it with your wall color. But before you start painting you can also buy wireless speakers which communicate with the main speaker which is near the TV. This is preferable and will save you a plenitude of time.

By choosing to wall mount the speakers of your home theater in your living room you will be able to position them perfectly while also keeping them away off the floor and out of your way.

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