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28AWG HDMI With Ethernet Cables

The more common a cable becomes, the more confusing it is to choose from the different “models” you find on the shelves or in online stores. There are three reasons why.

The first is that manufacturers often discover there’s a demand for different types of cable connectors, or extra features, lengths or colors, that they didn’t realize would be popular with customers – so they expand their inventory. The second reason is that standards for electronics are likely to change over time, requiring modifications that meet the updated specifications. The final reason is that many companies create unnecessary “premium” versions of their cables in order to make more money. (Cmple frowns on that last one; we believe in producing high-quality cables that customers really need, at affordable prices.)

HDMI Cable with Ethernet 28AWG

HDMI cables are a perfect example. As HDMI became the worldwide standard for the optimal transfer of digital video and audio signals, more and more types of HDMI cables came into the marketplace. Some were simply adding greater choices in colors or lengths, or adding additional interference protection which we’ll talk about later.

For the most part, though, new types of HDMI cables were based on improvements in technology which required updates to HDMI standards. Higher video resolutions required faster transfer speeds and greater bandwidth, so high-speed cables became necessary. The creation of new and improved color spaces, 3D over HDMI, audio return capabilities and Ethernet over HDMI required cables which could accommodate each of those additional features.

That’s why you’ll see the often-confusing menu of HDMI cables available at Cmple or elsewhere: standard speed, high speed, HDMI 1.3, HDMI 2.0, HDMI with Ethernet, 28AWG, 26AWG – the list goes on and on. Don’t be confused, though. Take a deep breath, consider your specific needs, and the right choice should become obvious.

Using HDMI With Ethernet Cables

The selection of Cmple cables in this section are all high speed HDMI with Ethernet cables, which are the simplest way to connect HDTVs, monitors or devices which require an external Ethernet connection. They are able carry a modern HDMI signal (digital video and audio) plus Internet signals, all in a single cable. And they’re the cleanest and easiest way to eliminate the often-messy mélange of cables that build up behind components (and on floors).

When would you need high-speed HDMI with Ethernet? Whenever you have a Smart TV, devices like a Blu-ray player, a streaming video set-top box and/or video game systems which need an Internet connection – and when you don’t have wireless capability or capacity for them on your home Ethernet. When connected with HDMI with Ethernet cables, all of them will be able to share a single IP and you’ll have full connectivity everywhere.

High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet 28AWG - 1.5 Feet

That narrows things down, but you’ll also see cables labeled with different “AWG” numbers. Those simply refer to the width of the cable measured by the American Wire Gauge standard, and 28 gauge is most commonly used for high-speed HDMI cables between one and fifteen feet in length. 28AWG gauge cable isn’t optimal for long runs of cable, because thinner cables can’t handle the bandwidth required for today’s high-def video resolutions over long distances. But for normal-length connections between an HDTV and A/V receiver or Blu-ray player, for example, 28 gauge HDMI cables are perfect.

There’s one other type of cable you’ll see listed among our Cmple 28AWG HDMI with Ethernet cables: those with ferrite cores. Those are for additional protection against signal interference, and even more importantly to prevent the cable from radiating interference that could affect other equipment that’s nearby. Most people don’t need cables with ferrite cores but for those who do, we carry them.

Cmple’s 28AWG HDMI with Ethernet Cables

We’re very proud of the performance of the cables we design, manufacture and sell. We put an inordinate amount of time and effort into creating the best cables possible for the lowest possible price, and we believe that’s why our 28AWG HDMI with Ethernet cables are so popular.

The construction of these cables starts with conductors chosen to ensure optimal digital signal delivery, end to end. They’re then fully-shielded with four layers of braided shielding plus Mylar foil, to protect the digital data against radio frequency or electromagnetic interference (and as we’ve mentioned, you can also purchase cables with ferrite cores for even more protection). A thick PVC jacket covers the cables to make sure that they’re not damaged by the normal wear that cables can suffer; they also feature molded strain relief to ensure that no wires break when the connectors are accidentally tugged or twisted, plus gold-plated connectors that maintain perfect connections and won’t corrode over time.

We’ve made sure that our high-speed Cmple 28AWG HDMI with Ethernet cables are able to handle all of the video and audio signals and Internet data that must be transferred in modern home theater systems. They support every video resolution your system can display, from standard definition 480i and 480p, to high-def 720p, 1080i and 1080p, all the way up to the very latest 4K Ultra HD signals; the latest color spaces (like sYCC601, Adobe RGB and Adobe YCC601 color) that produce color that’s deeper than ever, plus 3D over HDMI, are also supported by these cables. They deliver crystal-clear audio for surround sound systems, supporting the audio bitstream rates required for the latest DTS Master Audio and Dolby Digital HD standards. And the Ethernet over HDMI feature can easily handle high-speed delivery of streaming video, as well as the normal data speeds need to update the games on your PS4 or Xbox One, or surf the web on your Smart TV.

And yes, we also now carry every possible length of 28AWG HDMI cable that will work properly with your equipment. You can choose our standard high speed HDMI with Ethernet cables in lengths of 1½, 3, 6, 10 or 15 feet, or select from the same lengths of HDMI with Ethernet cables featuring ferrite cores if you prefer. The ferrite cores add just pennies to the final cost.

Whichever you choose, you’ll know that you’ll receive the right HDMI cable for your specific needs, manufactured to our exacting standards and at the lowest prices possible for high-quality cabling. Don’t let the big box stores fool you; there’s nothing “Giant” about their expensive cables – our Cmple cables provide exceptional performance, at much lower prices.

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