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One high-speed cable for all devices

HDMI Cables come in variety of types, lengths and colors. The HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) format has been introduced in early 2000’s by a conglomerate of leading home theater audio / video products manufacturers such as Sony, Toshiba, RCA and Sony.HDMI cables were the first ones to combine audio and video signals within a single cord. They were designed to minimize the home theater cable clutter. At the time, homes and businesses were using separate cables for passing video and audio signals to their devices.

Today, the application of these wires have expanded into consumer and industrial devices. High-Speed Multimedia wires are commonly used for connecting mobile devices to modern flat-screen TVs, connect laptop / desktop computers to larger or multiple screens or provide reliable video streams for monitoring devices such as medical, surveillance and military equipment.The digital signal carried by this format can be easily integrated into existing information technology infrastructures. For example, these wires can be used to extend existing home and office network applications powered by Category 5 (Cat5e) and Category 6 (Cat6) cables.

Cmple is one of the largest distributors of Home Theater and Networking components in the North America. All of our products undergo a thorough process of quality assurance, and are protected by a LIFETIME WARRANTY. We offer a variety of affordable product types, including Micro and Mini HDMI cables as well as a selection of adapters for other types of video and audio formats.

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