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Cmple – Adjustable 3 Shelf Floating Wall Mount Tempered Glass 3 Shelves for DVD Player, Gaming Consoles, TV Box, Cable Box, Projector and other AV Components up to 17lbs - Three Shelves, Black

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Economy Aluminum and Tempered Glass DVD Mount (Three Shelves, Max 17.6 Pounds)

When televisions were huge and heavy boxes, large floor-based “entertainment centers” were all the rage. The TV was the centerpiece, of course, with cable boxes, VCRs and audio receivers scattered on the various shelves (or hidden behind sliding doors) and a bird’s nest of cables twisting and dangling behind the entire unit – which had to be positioned well away from the wall because of the television’s enormous depth.

Today, TVs are slim, light and (for the most part) beautiful appliances. They certainly don’t need to be placed on bulky entertainment centers; they can either fit onto a small stand or table – or even better – be mounted on the wall. That’s a terrific step forward, but it still leaves all of those other components which used to fit nicely into the large multi-purpose unit. Where do they go now?

The optimal solution is to place them on wall shelving right next to (or below) the television so that long cable runs aren’t necessary to reach the TV, and it’s easy to control everything with one remote. The Cmple economy aluminum and tempered glass three-shelf DVD mount is the stylish, inexpensive way to do just that.

Large, unwieldy wooden shelving is often difficult to mount, can cost a lot of money, and quite frankly, it’s likely to be an eyesore next to a modern flat screen TV. The Cmple DVD mount is contemporary in appearance, so it will blend right in with the look of your television rather than drawing attention away from it. And with three beautiful, black tempered glass shelves, it can accommodate all of your components on one compact unit.

The mount itself is lightweight aluminum, easy to position and install without needing helpers; it’s less than two feet in height and about three inches wide, so it doesn’t require a lot of space on the wall. Three glass shelves, each approximately 15 inches wide, 11 inches deep and only 0.20 inches thick, then fit into slots on the mount. It’s that simple. The shelf height is completely adjustable, meaning you can place all three shelves exactly where they need to be in order to accommodate the height of your components. And the unit has cable management slots and holes, allowing you to bundle the cables together for an easy run to your television.

The only constraint is that the weight limit for the wall mount is 17.6 pounds (8 kg), so placing more weight than that on the shelves could be unsafe and endanger your components or whatever’s below the unit. With today’s lightweight components, though, it should be no issue placing common components like cable boxes and BluRay players on the shelves on the unit, for an easy and eye-pleasing display.

This Economy Aluminum and Tempered Glass DVD Mount is available with onetwo or three shelves as well.

Checking the specs of the Cmple economy aluminum and tempered glass three-shelf DVD mount:

  • Universal DVD wall mount
  • Three black tempered glass shelves
  • Glass measurements: width: 14.96 inches, depth: 11.02 inches, thickness: 0.20 inches
  • Back pillar measurements: height: 22.83 inches, width: 3.14 inches, depth 0.78 inches
  • Holds audio/video components with total weight of 17.6 pounds (8 kg)
  • Cable management included
  • Shelf heights adjustable
  • RoHS compliant
  • Installation instructions included
  • Color: Black

Attractive, functional and adjustable. There’s not much more you could ask for in a wall mount for multiple components. And with Cmple’s low price for this three-shelf unit, there’s no need to search for any other solution.

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Cmple – Adjustable 3 Shelf Floating Wall Mount Tempered Glass 3 Shelves for DVD Player, Gaming Consoles, TV Box, Cable Box, Projector and other AV Components up to 17lbs - Three Shelves, Black

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

UPC: 848076016217

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