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About Cmple is a true American success story. Starting with two employees and working out of a basement, the company has grown in less than ten years to become of the nation’s leading distributors, wholesalers and retailers of cables and accessories for networking, home theater, computer and related applications. The company now operates from two warehouses and a showroom in New York, with automated inventory and order systems – a far cry from that basement with two workers. But’s original mission was to provide high-quality merchandise at the affordable prices, and that remains the company’s mission today.


There’s one more way to describe’s products other than “high-quality” and “lowest prices,” and that’s “diverse.” The company specializes in HDMI cables and video/audio accessories, but also offers an immense variety of cables, connectors, splitters, switches, wall plates and other accessories needed for any modern A/V system. Some of the applications for which has the necessary cable and/or accessory answer: Cat5 and Cat6 networking; HDMI high-def systems and components; SVGA, DVI, USB and FireWire connections; surround-sound speaker and subwoofer systems; security and fire-alarm installations and computer systems. works hand-in-hand with its manufacturers to assure that every product offered under the company’s umbrella meets exacting quality standards. And the company works with its manufacturers to develop new and innovative products that make installation easier, while maintaining perfect connectivity and outstanding performance.
When selling to both wholesale and retail buyers, responsiveness and impeccable customer service are essential, and has them both covered. Same-day shipping, lifetime warranties on most cables and accessories and always-available customer support demonstrate the company’s commitment to both the performance of its products and an enjoyable and satisfying buying experience.
Not many companies have been able to maintain the high quality/low price balance while experiencing enormous growth. But the very reason for’s emergence as a market leader has been its focus on those two hallmarks of quality and affordability.

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