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Analog High Definition Digital Video Recorder (DVR) 16 channel

SKU: 1298-N  |  MPN: 1298-N

Analog High Definition Digital Video Recorder (DVR) 16 channel

DVR is design to achieve high safety and reliability. It can work in the local end, and at the same time, when connecting it to the professional surveillance software (PSS), it can connect to the security network to realize strong network and remote monitor function. It can be easily upgraded to HD system while remain original cable layout. It realizes full local record and playback featuring simple operations. The DVR of the HDCVI port can perfectly work with the HD cameras and realize much longer transmission distance.


Real-time surveillance:

  • Support VGA port and HDMI port. Realize the surveillance through displayer.
  • Support HDMI, VGA, and TV output at the same time.

Storage function:

  • Special data format to guarantee data security and can remove the risk of the vicious data modification. Support digital watermark.

    Compression format

  • Support multiple-channel audio and video. An independent hardware decodes the audio and video signal from each channel to maintain video and audio synchronization.

    Backup function

  • Support backup operation via USB port (such as U disk, portable HDD, burner) Client-end user can download the file to local HDD to backup via network.

    Record & playback function

  • Support each channel real-time record independently, and at the same time it can support search, forward play, network monitor, record search, download and etc. Support various playback modes: slow play, fast play, backward play and frame by frame play. Support time title overlay so that you can view event accurate occurred time Support customized zoom function during the preview.

Network operation:

  • Support network remote real-time monitor, remote record search and remote PTZ control.

    Alarm activation function

  • Several relay alarm outputs to realize alarm activation and on-site light control.
  • The alarm input port and output has the protection circuit to guarantee device safety.

    Communication port

  • RS485 port can realize alarm input and PTZ control.
  • RS232 port can connect to keyboard to realize central control, and can also connect to PC
  • COM to upgrade system and realize maintenance, and matrix control.
  • Standard Ethernet port can realize network access function.

    PTZ control

  • Support PTZ decoder via coaxial cable

Intelligent operation:

  • Mouse operation function
  • In the menu, support copy and paste setup function

    UPNP (Universal Plug and Play)

  • Establish mapping connection between LAN and WAN via UPNP protocol.


  • 16 channel Full D1 DVR
  • 16 channel D1 recording
  • all channels playback-able
  • 1 Hard disk drive
  • mini 1U case
  • no alarm input

Product Highlights

Analog High Definition Digital Video Recorder (DVR) 16 channel

Warranty: 2 Year Warranty

UPC: 848076027558

Brand Cmple®

Product Highlights

Analog High Definition Digital Video Recorder (DVR) 16 channel

Warranty: 2 Year Warranty

UPC: 848076027558

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