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Aluminum Short Throw Projector Wall Mount Holds 22 Pounds

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Aluminum Short Throw Projector Wall Mount – Black/Silver, Maximum 22 Pounds

Projectors are no longer only seen in classrooms. Multimedia projectors have become an integral part of many home entertainment systems and most business meetings and conferences, whether used to show video, slides or power point presentations.

Repeatedly setting up projectors every time they’re needed can be time-consuming and annoying (particularly once you’ve found exactly the right projection angle), and it’s obviously not a great idea to leave them permanently sitting on a table after you’ve set them up – since valuable equipment has a nasty habit of growing legs and walking away. Even if a projector is in a secure location, it’s a bad idea to leave cords stretched across open space where they can be tripped on, injuring passers-by or accidentally pulling the projector to the floor.

The clear solution is to mount the projector to a wall, where it can remain in optimal projection position, be safe from “accidental removal” from the room, and not cause accidents due to stray cords. The way to do that is with Cmple’s Aluminum short throw projector wall mount.

It’s important to understand what this mount can and cannot do. It cannot handle some large video projectors, because the maximum weight it will support is 22 pounds. The mount also cannot handle “traditional” machines which must be placed more than a couple of feet from the screen or projection surface, since the extension arm will only reach a maximum of 24.4 inches.

But here’s what it can do: it can make the use of short-throw projectors, which are becoming much more common these days both for video and still image presentation, a pleasure. The mount slides along the aluminum arm to allow precise placement. It can tilt through a range of 30 degrees, from -15 to +15, and it can even rotate 360 degrees (with the help of an integrated ball joint) to let you project your media anywhere in the room.

The Cmple short throw aluminum mount is suitable for almost every size of short-throw projector, with legs which adjust from 5.9 inches all the way out to 12.3 inches for a snug fit. It has an integrated cable management system to keep all of the cables together, organized and protected. And it’s also extremely attractive, in black and silver with a sleek design. The mount is lightweight and attaches easily to any wall.

Checking the specifications of the Cmple aluminum short throw projector wall mount:

  • Suitable for most short throw projectors
  • Mount slides along aluminum arm for precise projector placement
  • Tilt: -15 degrees +15 degrees
  • Legs adjustable from 5.9 inches (150 mm) to 12.3 inches (313 mm)
  • Arm extends from 19.9 inches to 24.4 inches (430 mm – 620 mm)
  • Integrated ball joint allows 360 degree rotation for multi-angle viewing
  • Cable management keeps cables organized and protected
  • Max load capacity: 22 pounds (10 kg)
  • Installation instructions included
  • Color: Black/Silver

There’s no sense lugging a projector in and out of a closet or storage area, or leaving it at the mercy of anyone who happens to walk by. This Cmple aluminum short throw wall mount is perfect for installing a short throw projector in an area where it’s used constantly – and leaving it there for good.

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Aluminum Short Throw Projector Wall Mount Holds 22 Pounds

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Aluminum Short Throw Projector Wall Mount Holds 22 Pounds
Aluminum Short Throw Projector Wall Mount Holds 22 Pounds
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