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Wire Trak

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First and foremost, Cmple always strives to produce a well made product. We are confident that the Wire Trak line of products meets our standards of quality, and are a grateful authorized dealer.
Wire and cable management can often be an issue when installing home theaters, audio and video components, Ethernet and phone networks, or when working with other low-voltage applications. Wire Trak specializes in making those issues go away in an easy and attractive way.
Wire Trak’s parent company has been manufacturing convenient wire management systems since 1949, selling PVC wire enclosures as its first product. Since that time constant redesigns, retooling and improvements to its cable management systems have been a company focus, and the effectiveness and ease-of-use of Wire Trak’s (and sister line Alpha Trak’s) products have been proven over an


The most popular of Wire Trak’s offerings is its one-piece latching raceway system. The individual pieces are either six or eight feet long and come in three different width/length configurations. They’re made from strong yet lightweight UL 94-VO compliant PVC, and available in different colors. Most importantly, they can handle not only Ethernet, fiber optic and low-voltage wires, but are rated for applications up to 600 volts. The Wire Trak raceway panels simply snap open to accept cables, snap closed to secure the wires, and can be attached almost anywhere with their pre-applied adhesive tape backing.

The company produces many other lines – all manufactured in America – with its wire management systems available in four materials in addition to PVC: high- and low-density polyethylene, nylon and ABS, and rated for indoor, outdoor and extreme environments. Wire Trak and Alpha Trak also carry a complete line of parts to work hand-in-hand with their cable systems, including junction boxes, fittings, spiral tubing and ground wire guards. The systems are high-quality, will fit with any décor or setting, provide the ultimate in flexibility for cable management, and are stunningly easy to use.

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