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Quest Technologies

About company

One of the Western Hemisphere’s largest suppliers of network interconnect products to vendors and contractors, Quest Technologies is relied on by networking installers worldwide. The company’s location near the Port of Miami allows it to expeditiously deliver its high-quality products to virtually any destination. Quest is also set up to design, manufacture and deliver special order products to satisfy almost any requirement.
There’s no network application you can come up with that Quest doesn’t have covered. The company has an extensive selection of products for voice and data connections, Ethernet and LAN networking, security systems, home theater and satellite TV plus all of the tools, testers, kits, switching devices and cable assemblies that might be required for their installation.
Quest is also the master distributor for the innovative, patented raceway products (like WireHider, Latching Duct and Raceway On-A-Roll) manufactured by New Jersey-based Premiere Raceway. These products are the go-to choice for thousands of installation companies and contractors, for their ability to make the difficult chore of placing long runs of networking and low-voltage cables a snap, even around corners or at difficult right angles.


Premiere Raceway products may be some of Quest’s best-sellers, but the company’s catalog goes much, much deeper. Start with connecting blocks, inline couplers and keystone jacks and inserts for LAN connectivity. Move on to splitters, couplers, repeaters and versatile cables for home theater and A/V applications. Add in connectors, jumper cables, enclosures, adapters and connectors for fiber optic and RF connectivity – and you’re still nowhere near through the catalog. There are computer and telco connectors, extensions and cables; bulk spools of UTP and quad-shielded coax cable; tools and testers, and much more.
Quest Technologies products are UL and ETL verified and certified under RoHS standards (where appropriate) and manufactured to the very highest standards. With their 40,000 square foot facility in Miami, Quest’s products are always available and always reliable.

The Cmple brand represents quality and reliability, and the same is expected from the other brands we carry. Quest Technologies holds itself to a higher standard, and we are proud to be their authorized dealer.

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