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Why Wall TV Brackets are Becoming More Popular?

installation TV set top box at home

Ever since the latest flat screen and plasma television sets started selling off the shelves rapidly, there has also been an increasing trend of mounting these TVs as well. A wall mounted TV looks great, and adds glamour to the living room as well. But other than this, there are a number of other great benefits as well. This is why wall mounted TVs have taken the country by storm since the last couple of years.

Heavy-Duty Full Motion Wall Mount for 32-55 LCDLED TV's

Here are some of the most obvious reasons of the increased popularity of wall mounted TV brackets.

  • Modernized Look Many people have switched to TV brackets for mounting their televisions because they give an entire new look to the den. The room gives a modernized look, and the sleek design of the TV is emphasized to maximum.
  • Easy Installation TV brackets are simple to install, and can even be fixed by an amateur because only basic tools are required. The total time taken to mount a TV is generally less than hour.
  • Saved Floor Space Ultra Slim Heavy-Duty Fixed Wall MountNowadays, TVs are available in huge sizes  that can go over 50 inches as well. At times, the living room may not adapt to such a huge TV because it takes up most of the space. This makes it difficult to find a suitable position for a television, especially if the dimensions of the living room are small. In all these cases, the TV is usually shunted off to the corner, and the view may not be the best. This mars the experience of the superb quality. So once again, the answer lies in mounting the TV because then it can easily be kept at the position which offers the greatest viewing experience. Moreover, the extra space on the living room floor can be utilized for any other purpose.
  • Performance Some studies conclude that a wall mounted TV gives an optimal performance. The picture quality does not appear great until it is at the eye level. This can be achieved only with a TV wall mount, and not the traditional stand.
  • Safety Mounting a television set is a great way to protect it from potential damage. This is not such a great benefit if there is an entire room dedicated to home entertainment systems. But if this is not the case, and the TV has to be kept in the lounge amidst kids and pets, then mounting it up is the best option. Kids and pets both are fascinated by these devices, and love to mess with them. However, the TV can be kept out of their reach if it is elevated on the wall.
  • Flexibility TV wall brackets are extremely flexible when compared to the traditional floor stands. Most of the mounts can be titled, and some are even equipped with articulated arms. These can be used to adjust the position of the TV so that the viewing angle suits the lighting in the room. Specialized mounts even allow the TV to be pulled away from the wall so that it can be watched from a greater distance.
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