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What is the Best Way to Wall Mount a Flat Screen TV?

A flat screen TV not only looks fantastic but occupies less space in your home. However, mounting an expensive flat screen TV on your wall should be undertaken with some care to ensure the best viewing pleasure. Once you have decided on the location of the flat screen TV, you need to decide whether you need an articulated mount, fixed mount, or a ceiling mount.

Standard Mounts

Installing mount TV on the wall at home

Most flat screen TVs can be mounted on standard VESA mounts, but you need to decide on the type of mount you need. Very thin mounts can be difficult to install.

TV Size

The standard VESA mounts come in different sizes, depending on the size of the TV. As such you need to search for mounts for the TV size you own. A mount meant for a smaller or larger flat screen TV will not safely hold up your TV.

Wall Studs

When installing a flat screen TV you need to fix the mount to the wall studs, unless the surface is unconventional – brick wall, studless wall, and so on.

Types of Wall Brackets

There are a variety of wall brackets that can be for mounting flat screen TVs. The fixed brackets are used it you plan to have the TV in a single flat position against the wall. However, if you want to fix the TV at a slightly higher than eye level and tilt it downwards, you need a tilting wall bracket. A motorized wall bracket will enable you to move your flat screen TV in multiple ways to enhance its utility and the space in your home.

mounting flat screen TV

For instance, a TV that can face two different rooms will enable you to watch your favorite shows from both the kitchen and the dining room with just a press of a button. Sometimes, motorized brackets can be used to move the TV away from the center of the room, when the room is used for other purposes. You can hide your TV behind a cabinet door or move it higher ceiling when you are using the living room for other purposes.

Multiple Options

Flat screen TVs offer multiple mounting options depending on your needs. They can be mounted using fixed brackets or more expensive motorized ones, depending on your specific needs. However, you need to ensure that the size of the brackets used is compatible with your TV size. Moreover, the brackets should be fixed to the studs on the walls if possible. There are some special brackets that can be used to deal with unconventional TV mounting locations such as a hanging a TV from the ceiling, mounting the TV on a corner, or ensuring that the TV is recessed in the wall or cabinet when not in use.

Concealed Wires

Apart from this, one should used concealed wires in decorative moldings to keep the clutter away from the wall mounted TV. This will ensure that the walls around the TV are clear of cables and wires.

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