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What are USB cables?

Picture of USB 2.0 A Male To A Male High-Speed 480 Mbps Cable - 10 Feet Black

USB cables are “Universal Serial Bus” cables that was created in 1996 and have since become an industry standard in communications and electronic devices. They are perhaps one of the most widely used cable and they are extremely compatible with a wide array of devices from computers to game consoles to cameras to smartphones. Most, if not all computers manufactured today contain one or more USB ports.

There are many different types of USB cords with different heads. All of them, of course, have one end with the standard USB connector on it. But the other one may contain an identical connector, or another type of connector. The one pictures above has two different heads, one that is USB and another one that is used for communications devices and computer accessories, such as printers. There are different sizes and shapes to USB cords as well ranging from the standard connector to the several types of mini connectors (often used to charge phones and PDAs).

There are many different uses for USB cords, but this depends based on whether you are using it at home or in a commercial environment.

Home Use of USB Cables

One would be far-stretched to not find some kind of USB cord in their home. They are commonly used with many popular devices such as iPod and cameras. All iPods use USB cords to “sync” data onto the device. Many smartphones from iPhone to Android to Blackberry have USB cables. Usually one can charge these devices using their USB port. Also, flash drives are popularly used external information saving devices that are always connected to a computer via USB.

USB ports are also used in game consoles. Consoles such as the Playstation 3 connect their controllers via USB dongle. They are also used to connect many different home devices to computers and routers.

USB Cords in a Commercial Setting

USB cords also have an important place in the business environment. Many electronics necessary for communications within a business rely on USB cords. These cords can carry a heavy importance in your typical office supplies – printers, computers, etc. However, they can also be used on a wide scale range for other purposes, such as charging phones with extra battery life. The energy exchange within a USB cord allows them to be able to sustain a large amount of power transfer, which is extremely convenient.

USB cables are necessary for the transfer of data within a business. Since communication is such an important aspect of business, it is nice to be able to do this so easily. However, USB is also used in setting up large networks. Companies often set up rather large internet systems in their building, none of which would be possible without the use of USB.

USB mass storage devices can keep sensitive commercial information safe at all times, because it allows business people to store information outside of a networked computer. Therefore, you can carry around this information at all times and prevent it from getting into the wrong hands.


No matter what setting you’re using your USB cord in, they can be incredibly useful. USBs compatibility with a wide range of devices makes them extremely important – whether you’re at home or at work.

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