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Top 5 Reasons Why Wi-Fi USB Adapters Are Worth Getting

Our slightly older readers may remember the days when connecting to the internet required a 28.8 kbps dial up modem and a landline telephone. The shrieking noises, the long time it took for the modem to dial, the poor and unstable connection, the inability to utilize the phone while on the internet, the outrageous prices and many other less pleasant aspects of that technology are fortunately behind us.

usb wifi on a laptop

Nowadays, Wi-Fi is the preferred means of surfing the internet, followed closely by cellular 3G data plans. And it couldn’t be any other way, considering that we live in the age of digital mobility. Let's discuss the main factors that enable USB adapters to improve the network connectivity of all the desktops, laptops and mobile phones in your household or your office building.

1. Eliminates the necessity for messy connections

Most homes feature one or more desktop computers, a laptop and probably a smartphone per household member. In order to give all these devices access to the internet, you would normally have to run a cable from the place where you installed the modem. Not only is this solution impractical, since you would probably have to move the furniture, bypass doors and most likely drill holes in your wall, but too many cables are basically a tripping accident waiting to happen. In short, Wi-Fi USB adapters provide a great deal of mobility.

2. You no longer have to install hardware components

USB wifi

Installing an Ethernet card on your desktop computer may not present major difficulties, particularly if the warranty has expired. Just open the case, stick the component in the motherboard, tighten the screws and you're all set. Unfortunately, when the warranty is still in effect, opening the case would violate the agreement and thus, void it. In addition to that, installing an Ethernet card on a laptop that was missing it by default is either impossible due to the layout of the components or very difficult. Once again, the USB Wi-Fi adapter is here to save the day.

3. Provides versatility in terms of positioning your electronics

To put it simply, the location of your electronics and stands is no longer decided by the cables. Whether you want to browse Facebook on the laptop while sitting on the comfy chair in your study, stream a movie in the bed or play your favorite MMORPG by the pool, the USB adapter is there to provide a solid connection to the online world.

4. Upgrading for the sole purpose of a Ethernet card is not mandatory anymore

As previously mentioned, certain laptops come without an integrated network card, which nowadays is a huge setback. In spite of the fact that the other components are on par with the current standards, you would have to replace the device altogether in order to access the internet, if it wasn’t for the good old Wi-Fi USB adapter.

5. It can be utilized on a wide array of devices

Irrespective of the type of desktop/laptop/tablet you own, the USB is one of those universal ports integrated across the board. This entails that you can always utilize the Wi-Fi adapter, no matter if it's the latest Alienware gaming rig or a Macbook Air.

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