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Top 5 Reasons To Get HDMI Cables For Your PC Monitor

Without a doubt, things were much simpler several years ago when the only thing you needed to connect the LCD monitor to the PC was the DVI system. Even though most computers available today support the VGA input – with a few exceptions such as the newest Apple TVs – in most cases, the modern PC monitors offered a better performance with DVI, the interface that was practically designed for all HDTV systems.

Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable

Nowadays, it appears that you can't set foot into an electronic store without bumping into a salesman trying to convince you to buy the newest and naturally most expensive HDMI cable. While the shop assistants could get on your nerves, there are plenty of reasons why investing in a HDMI cable makes sense, especially if you want to use the computer in conjunction with the home theater system.

1. Video and audio in the same wire

The biggest advantage of HDMI over DVI consists in it being able to carry digital audio capabilities. Considering that the laptop includes at least three mini-jack ports to run the audio to the speakers, it's clear that by using HDMI you are reducing the number of cables required to carry the audio signal to the monitor. The same is applicable for desktop computers since with a single cable you can ensure to run the audio signal from the sound card to the graphic card and turn it into a single digital stream.

2. The high definition copy protection signal

Cmple Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable 3D 4K - 15 Feet, White

Because DVI doesn't require HDCP, monitors and computers integrating this connection are practically locked from high definition content. Even though over the years some manufacturers designed video cards with HDCP signal, there wasn't any guarantee that the rest of the hardware is compliant. The HDMI had the HDCP signal built into it from the start and therefore, you can be sure not to experience issues with non-functional or restricted digital content in the future.

3. Compatibility

In the event that you are trying to connect a HDMI cable to a DVI monitor, your job is pretty much straightforward, providing you have an adapter cable. Therefore, if you're considering upgrading your home computer gradually and purchasing HDMI compatible hardware, you will get to enjoy the full array of benefits proprietary to the technology.

4. Amazing color depth

Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable in the package

The old computers were limited by the 24-bit color system and back then, it was believed that over 16 million colors are more than enough since the human eye is incapable of distinguishing between very similar shades. While the early HDMI adhered to this principle, the newer versions can support up to 48-bit color depths and double the shades, an element that is most visible on high resolution screens. The only catch is that the monitor and the graphic adapter must both support HDMI 1.3 or newer.

5. Smaller connectors

The DVI connectors are similar in size to the old VGA one, namely a rough 1.5 inches width. On the other hand, the HDMI features connectors three times smaller than that. Furthermore, the newest HDMI versions come with mini-connectors that are even smaller and consequentially, perfect for camcorders and notebooks.

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