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Top 5 Accessories Worth Purchasing For Your HDTV

When you first set foot in an electronics store, it is very easy to get distracted by the numerous brightly lit monitors and TVs and completely ignore the fact that you need more than a television set with high definition capabilities to enjoy HD programming. While most people check out basic necessities like a suitable TV mount for instance, they often forget about the many other accessories they could also acquire to create the best viewing experience. Let's review some of the innovative accessories that can take your HDTV experience one step further.

six remote controls

1. Universal remote control Even though a home theater system includes numerous devices, that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't control them all with as little effort as possible. In fact, getting off the couch to adjust the volume or having a remote for each of the devices defeats the whole purpose of the home theater. Simply put, it would be a pity not to purchase a universal remote control.

2. HDMI cables As many home theater enthusiasts will tell you, you won't be able to enjoy the true high definition video and sound features of your HDTV unless you acquire HDMI cables. Not only will you get the best possible sound and video, but you will also have less cables lying around to worry about.

Cmple Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable 3D 4K

3. Blu-ray player If you enjoy having friends over for a movie night, then a Blu-ray player is the accessory that will help you impress them each and every time. The biggest advantage of the device comes from the fact that it can stream video content of superior quality. Furthermore, since it includes more storage space, you can be certain that entertainment companies will include more special features and content on the Blu-ray discs compared to a regular DVD player with up-conversion capabilities.

4. Digital video recorder If you have already invested in a top of the line HDTV, wouldn't it be a shame if you kept on using that old VCR to record your favorite shows on video tape? You have to admit that the launch of TiVo marked a crucial point in the entertainment industry and has managed to revolutionize the way people perceive television. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the full benefits of your high definition TV set, you should really acquire a HD capable digital video recorded of the same quality. It is necessary to mention that standard DVRs are not a good choice in this case, especially since they're not able to record in HD.

5. Satellite feed In all fairness, if you're unable to watch high definition content on your HDTV, then you've just spent a lot of cash for nothing. Sure, you can argue that many of the newest HDTVs available on the market include a tuner that permits you to access over-the-air HD content. However, keep in mind that if you purchased a HDTV-ready model, you won't have access to high definition content and this issue can't be solved by connecting it to an antenna. This is essentially why you should consider getting a satellite feed for your new TV set.

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