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Tired Of Hefty Satellite TV Bills? Behold, The Magic Of HDMI!

Truth be told, nothing compares to the feeling of watching your favorite TV shows or Hollywood blockbusters on your new HDTV, while relaxing in your comfortable armchair. In spite of the sensational experience, some home theater owners cannot help but wonder why they should continue to pay for those large cable or satellite TV bills when there is so much great content available on the internet. After all, nowadays you can gain access to thousands of movies and series for a measly $10 monthly subscription.

Video on Demand VOD service on TV television concept

Great content doesn’t have to cost a fortune

Well, you could cancel the cable/satellite TV subscription and watch your favorite blockbusters and shows on the laptop. However, that would be throwing money out the window if you already bought and set up your HDTV or home theater system. The good news is that there is a viable solution that doesn’t require you to make any compromise: connect your HDTV to your laptop. In the event that you have a newer laptop, then check the manual to determine whether you can hook up your devices with the aid of a wirelessly adaptor. On the other hand, if you own an older system or you can’t connect the laptop to your HDTV, don’t fret as you can still connect the devices by following these steps.

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1. Purchase a suitable HDMI cable

In order to achieve your goal, you’ll need a laptop with one HDMI port and a HDMI cable. In regards to the wiring, it is necessary to mention that there are two types of HDMI cables, more exactly the one that you got when you purchased the HDTV and a slimmer version of it. Even though connecting the devices can be done with either of the wiring, it is recommended to acquire a separate HDMI cable because:

  • It will make the entire process considerably easier
  • It will serve you well when you travel, as most hotel TVs include the latter HDMI input
  • It will save you a lot of cash on astronomical hotel TV fees

hd chanels

2. Tweak your PC to use HDMI

Take note that after you place the HDMI cable in the proper port on a laptop running on Windows, the screen will be blank. It usually depends on the installed version of Windows, but this operating system refuses to recognize the HDMI port when you plug something in for the first time. Solving this issue is very easy: simply access the Control Panel, then the Adjust Screen Resolution option, select the second monitor, choose a resolution of at least 1,100 x 650 pixels and click Apply. At this point, you should see the Windows background on the HDTV screen.

3. Sit back and enjoy!

Because you’ve selected the HDTV as your second monitor you can now use the laptop’s screen as a second display. The next step implies dragging the web window title bar on your computer’s screen until you see it on the TV. Now you are ready to start playing your favorite content from your laptop to your HDTV. Don’t forget to hit the Full Screen option to hide the browser.

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