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The Marvel of BNC to BNC Adapters

BNC connectors or Bayonet Neill-Concelman connectors are miniature radio frequency connectors. They are used to connect coaxial cables used in video, radio, and other devices to each other. BNC connectors and adapters are made with either 50 ohm or 75 ohm impedance to match the impedance in the co-axial cables.

Picture of BNC Male To 2xBNC Male Adapter

The BNC adapters come in two main configurations – male and female. Typically the male end is attached to the cable and the female connector to the electronic device or panel. However, there are many reasons why you might need to use differently configured BNC adapters to complete connecting electronic devices such as video, radio, and test instruments in various configurations. For this you can use appropriate BNC to BNC adapters.

BNC Female to 2x BNC Female Adaptor

This is a tee shaped adapter that can be used to split coaxial cables. This adapter will allow you to connect two BNC cables to one BNC jack. All the connectors are female and you need cables with male BNC connectors to complete the connection. However, the actual connection is a simple plug and play, making it easy to quickly set up new connections as you need them.

Panel Type BNC Female to BNC Female Coupler

Another versatile BNC to BNC adapter is the panel type BNC female to BNC female coupler. This can be used to connect to male BNC connectors. If you need a BNC port on a panel, wall mount, or similar location, you can use the threading on the coupler that makes it easy to mount on the panel.

BNC Twist-on Connector

The BNC Twist-on Connector requires no additional tools or devices and can be used to connect a coaxial cable to a BNC connection port with ease. The adapter provides for a firm and loss less connection that can be achieved by simply twisting on the connector. Such twist-on connectors are available for RG59, RG6, and similar co-axial cables.

BNC Male Crimp Style Adapter

The two-piece BNC male crimp style adapter comes in two pieces as the name indicates. It needs to be crimped to achieve the connection and can be used to connect to a RG59 coaxial cable. It is normally used in very basic video applications and can be used to connect the splitter, cable, antenna, and VCR.

90 Degree BNC Male Plug to BNC Female Adapter

When you are connecting an audio visual system that uses radio frequency signals you need to ensure that all the coaxial cables are connected using BNC adapters. When you are negotiating tight spaces as well as have a need to ensure that the signals are provided by a male BNC connector and need to be released by a female BNC connector or vice versa, you can use the 90 degree BNC male plug to BNC female adapter.

These adapters are especially useful if you need to plug in and disconnect BNC connectors frequently in hard to reach places. Instead of having to move around equipment and devices each time, you can use the 90 degree adapter to make it easier to complete the connection.

BNC Male Right Angle Clamp Connector

Picture of F-Type Female to BNC Female Adapter

The BNC male right angle clamp connector is ideal when you need to connect a female connector to a hard to reach male connector. The clamp connector can ensure ease of connection with a single twist, making it faster and smoother. With this clamp connector you can easily connect a RG59 coaxial cable to a BNC adapter even in hard to reach places. As this clamp connector does not require special tools, it can be used in cramped spaces to a clear and distinct advantage.

BNC Male to 2x BNC Male Adapter

The BNC male to 2x male adapter is in the form of a tee and ensures that you can split the co-axial cable with ease. All the plugs are male and need to be connected to female BNC connectors. The ease of connecting makes it ideal for use in plug and play applications when connecting electronic devices that use radio frequency signals.

BNC Male to BNC Male Coupler Adapter

If you need to mate two female BNC connectors, you can do so with ease using the BNC male to BNC male coupler adapter. This is the best device to splice two co-axial cables with female BNC connectors together.

BNC Tee Adapter Jack

If you need to connect two male BNC connectors opposite each other and a female BNC connector at the Tee, this is the adapter to use. The two opposite adapter points are female and can take male BNC connectors while the central adapter point is male and can take a female BNC connector. You can use this BNC Tee Adapter jack to connect three different co-axial cables with ease as long as they have the right male or female connector at their ends.

Premium BNC Compression Connector

When you need to customize the RG video broadcast cable lengths for your home theater and other equipment, you can use the Premium BNC compression connector. Once compressed after the cables have been connected, it is virtually impossible to pull the connectors apart ensure strong connectivity with clear transmission of signals.

The BNC connector and adapters are used to connect electronic devices that use radio frequency signals. The male and female BNC connectors make it easy to ensure plug and play settings for connecting a variety of devices. As such these BNC connectors and BNC adapters are used in both home and studio settings. If you need to frequently connect a variety of devices, you can have a BNC port panel where all the connections can be set up.

This makes it much easier to connect and disconnect a variety of devices without having to move around equipment and try and reach into small and narrow spaces. Most of the BNC to BNC adapters do not require additional tools to complete the connections. Some require a crimping tool and provide long term and secure connections that are impossible to pull apart without a serious struggle and some heavy muscle involved.

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