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The Future of Ethernet Cables

The explosive growth in technology has brought the world to our finger tips. Breaking all communication and geographical barriers with fast data transmission through efficient/speedy networks and Ethernet cables, time constraint is no longer an issue.

Ethernet cables

As we progress into the future, the demand for even faster transfer speed over the internet and local area networks continue to rise. This has promoted significant technological developments of wireless networks and new and improved upgraded versions of Ethernet cables with supersonic data transmission speed.

Ethernet Cables

Three of the latest Ethernet cables include Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6, while Cat7 is in the pipeline.

Category 5

Cat5 is the basic type of Ethernet cable and is also known as category 5 cable. It is available in stranded and solid variety. The solid Cat5 cable is better option when it comes to transmission of data over a long distance. On the other hand, the stranded Cat5 cable is used as a patch cable. Cat5 cables have the capability of about 100 mega hertz and can facilitate up to 100Mbps Ethernet.

Category 5 Enhanced

This is the enhanced version of Cat5 supporting networks up to 1000Mbps (gigabit Ethernet speed). Also, it is backward compatible with Cat5.

Category 6

Cat6 is so far the most advanced and faster than the two discussed above. Its high performance has made it quite popular and most sought after of the lot.

Ethernet Cables vs. Wireless

Cat5e Ethernet Network Patch Cable 350 MHz RJ45 – 1.5 Feet Yellow

With the advent of wireless devices and internet connections, many people thought it would be an end of the era of Ethernet cables. Despite majority of the people have moved to wireless connections, Ethernet cables are still being used.

Wireless connection is a great option for internet browsing at home or on the go. It is handy, portable and is speedy too.

However, when it comes to lots of streaming and plenty of file transfers, wired connections supported by Ethernet cables is the best option. It is faster, reliable and keeps you connected without any geographical constraint.

Even for gamers who need lots of streaming and prefer minimal latency, Ethernet cables work better than wireless. The data does not get intercept and it is cheaper to install.

With wireless connection, there are chances of losing signals. This is frustrating when you are transferring important and urgent files over the internet. On the other hand, Ethernet cables offer great stability and high security.

Also, Ethernet hardwired cables are ideal for offices as it offers tremendous support to star network typology organizations. It is reliable and makes the execution of tasks over the internet smooth with high efficiency.

Regardless of how old Ethernet technology happens to be, it still is one of the best data transmission connections. Technology developers understand the importance and reliability of Ethernet cables therefore, they continue to upgrade Cat versions. The new version Cat7 Ethernet cable is in the development process and soon will be unveiled.

Ethernet is a recognized technology worldwide and is still beneficial. Continuous evolution of Ethernet cables shows that it is here to stay.

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