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The Fundamentals of Component Video Cables 3

Every home has a variety of electronic devices that can be connected together for work or entertainment. For instance, you can connect the HDTV screen with a video game player, a DVD player, camera, or some other electronic gadget to ensure that you can enjoy high quality video. However, connecting these devices together often requires a lot of unsightly wires behind your TV leading to the device. This also makes cleaning more difficult and can lead to visual clutter.

Picture of Video/Audio 3 RCA Bundled Cables For Component Video, 100 Feet

When it comes to transmitting video signals, you need three different cables – the Y/Pb/Pr – to ensure a clear picture. Each of these cables transmits a different set of video signals from one video device to another.


The solution to this problem of a clutter of video cables has been devised by producing the Component Video Cables 3. These cables have all three of the required cables bound together, with three pins on each side. You still have three cables for connecting the video but they are bundled together, with only the six pins being held separately. This makes connecting video devices much simpler as well.


When you are looking to buy component video cables 3, you need to check for the quality of the cable. This is because the quality of the video transmission depends not on the length of the cable, which can be as long as 100 feet but on the impedance, wave length, shield effectiveness, and center conducting material.

Wave Length

The wave length of the component video cables 3 should be more than 35 Hz to ensure a clear transmission. This will ensure that the strength of the signal is strong and the picture appears clear and in real time on the screen.


VideoAudio 3 RCA Bundled Cables For Component Video, 25 Feet

Impedance is the resistance offered by the cable. While it is commonly acknowledged that an impedance of 75 Ohms is sufficient for proper transmission of video over cable, you need to check the range over which the impedance fluctuates. This is because cable manufacturers cannot guarantee a fixed impedance. Impedance will vary depending on the way in which the cable is laid and other factors. As such, you need to purchase a cable that has a very low range of impedance around 75 Ohms. Impedance can affect the quality of video transmission especially if the cable is long.


As such when you are purchasing a component video cables 3 you need to first measure the length of the cable required. This will ensure that the transmission quality is not affected by the unnecessary length of the cables. Moreover, you will be able to save money and reduce the need to store a coil of cable close to the TV if you purchase a cable length that is appropriate for your needs.


All video transmission via cables can be affected by interference from external electrical noise. This low hum of electrical noise that is present in all homes can affect the quality of the video transmission reducing the clarity of the pictures. However, quality component video cables 3 come with a shield that effectively reduces this interference. For instance, when the cable center is made of copper, an aluminum shield is very effective.

Center Conductor Material

Most video cables have center conductor material of copper. This is a great transmitter of video signals and the wires can easily be extended to longer lengths. However, some manufacturers offer a center conductor with 5 percent silver. While this is done to improve the speed of the transmission, this is generally unnecessary. As all three components of the unified cable are of the same length, the visual components will reach the screen at the same time, making speed not very crucial. However, the quality of the transmission needs to be outstanding. This is provided by a copper center conductor.

When you are looking to purchase component video cables 3, you need to focus on the quality of the transmission more than the speed. The advantages of the component video cables are ease of use and reduced clutter. Moreover, since all the cables are of the same length, there is less likelihood of distortion of the final image because different signals are being delivered at different speeds.

Apparent Benefits

While component video cables 3 are designed to work well for lengths up to 100 feet, you need to measure the required length and purchase only the shortest length needed. This will reduce costs, ensure that there is less clutter, and also improve transmission speeds and quality of transmission.

When you are using a HDTV or other high quality video devices, the transmission quality too needs to awesome for you to truly enjoy the quality of the visuals. This is because the TV screen can only display the signals it receives.

By ensuring that the quality of the cables used in the component video cables 3 have a wave length of more than 35, impedance of close to 75 ohms, effective shields against electrical interference, and copper center conducting material you will be able to enjoy high quality video when you connect DVD players, cameras, or gaming consoles to your TV screen. This will enable you to derive the maximum use from your electronic devices as most of them are now designed to be interconnected to provide superior entertainment. Whether you are setting up a home theater or an entertainment room, or just adding additional components to the TV in your living room or bedroom, you can obtain better video and less clutter by ensuring that you purchase high quality component video cables 3. By planning the layout of your electronic devices and measuring the length of cables required you will be able to save money as well. This is because the cables are available all the way from 3 ft in length to 100 ft.

By doing your homework and determining the lengths of cables needed you can easily keep the areas behind the TV clean, sharp, and simple even as you enjoy the connectivity.

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