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The Capabilities of Phone Cables

Modern life to a large extent depends on multiple connectivity systems. You keep in touch with friends, colleagues, family, and others using a variety of communication devices such as phones, fax machines, and modems both at home and in the office. While wireless technologies have improved to provide connectivity on the move using mobile devices such as mobile phones, many people and businesses still prefer the additional security offered by wired communication systems using phone cables when transmitting critical and important information using fax machines and the Internet.

Picture of Phone Cable FLAT 4 Wire, Solid, Silver - 1000ft, 26AWG

In addition, many homes and offices have local area networks that are connected using phone cables.

Network Cables

There are a variety of network cables that are available when you are planning a home or office network. The most commonly used ones are Ethernet cables and phone cables. Ethernet cables are used for broadband connections that enable high speed transmission of large amounts of data. However, many of the typical network applications at home and in offices can use phone cables that can transmit voice, fax signals, and provide Internet connectivity of everyday applications such as email and browsing.

Types of Phone Cables

There are primarily two types of phone cables – those with four conductor and those with six conductors. This can be determined by removing the external cover of the phone cable and checking the number of interior wires.

Silver Satin Wiring

Most heavy duty phone cables are made using silver satin wiring. This provides for durability and flexibility. The flat cable design ensures that the cable is not subjected to additional stress and avoids kinking.

Gold Plated Connectors

To ensure problem free transmission, the best phone cables have gold plated connectors. This provides clear transmission of voice and other signals over the phone cable.


The phone cables come in a variety of lengths from 7 feet to 1,000 feet. Depending on the specifics of your actual use, you need to decide on the length of phone cable you need.

Typically, at homes, the service provider will provide a cable that ends just within your home. You then need to use a phone cable to transmit the signals from this point to the place where you want to place your phone, modem, or fax machine. If you have two or more phones or other devices in your home, you will need additional phone cables of the right length to set up the entire system properly.

Picture of Phone Cable FLAT 4 Wire, Solid, Silver - 1000ft, 26AWG

Phone cables are available for voice or data transmission. Depending on which device you are attaching the cable to, you need to select the appropriate phone cable to obtain the best connectivity and reception.

Even with the increasing use of wireless communication facilities and devices such as mobile phones, both homes and offices continue to use phone cables for wired connectivity. In many cases this is less expensive and more secure, especially if you are looking for interruption free and easy access to fax signals and the Internet.

Whether you are setting up a local area network, and intranet for the office, or a connection to the Internet at home with a modem and Wi-Fi access for multiple devices, you need to have the right phone cables.


As phone cables use silver and gold, they can be expensive. One way of cutting costs when using phone cables is planning the location of the various devices to reduce the length of the phone cable. This can be accomplished by locating the phone, fax machine, and modem at one place and using the modem to obtain Wi-Fi Internet signals throughout the home or office and cordless phones to reach various rooms.

You can also reduce the cost of phone cables by properly measuring the distances that need to be covered and ordering phone cables of the right length. This will ensure that you reduce the cost of phone cables significantly even as you have a robust intranet, intercom facility, and Internet and phone connection in your home or office.

The major advantage of phone cables and landline phone connections is that wired connections are much more secure than wireless connections. Security and technology experts are aware of this additional layer of security that phone cables provide when compared to wireless connectivity solutions. As such whether you are setting up an office network or a phone and fax connection for your home, you need to use a landline and phone cables for areas that require secure communications. This can include payment and business intelligence applications.

Other Applications

Phone cables can also be used to connect security devices such as a voice intercom at the gate to the home to enable you to monitor and screen visitors. Such phone cable uses enhance the security of single and multi-family homes as well as offices and factories.

While organizations need excellent and secure communication systems in place to be and remain successful and profitable, individuals too need to stay in touch with friends and family for a healthy social life. All of this is possible in a secure and low cost manner only through the use of phone cables. They enable you to keep connected to the Internet, your family, colleagues, friends, and others without any hurdles or flaws at all.

7When you are looking to purchase phone cables, you need to find a supplier that delivers the cables on time and in the right lengths and specifications. The best phone cables are satin silver cables that are flat and use gold connectors. These cables will provide clear and distorting free voice and data transmission without becoming tangled and difficult to use.

By purchasing phone cables of the right lengths as needed, you can not only save money but also reduce the clutter of cables and wires that can be found next to many equipment and devices in these days of connectivity. By using phone cables of the right lengths you can ensure secure connectivity without the problem of unsightly cables lying around and adding to the visual clutter.

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