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The Attributes of the TosLink Optical Audio Cable

The TosLink optical audio cables can be used in any application where the full size TOSlink optical connectors can be used. These include digital signal processors, home theater receivers, DAT machines, DVD players, Divx players, CD players, DSS receivers, MINI disc player/recorders, DAT player/recorders, Xbox, Sony Playstation 2 and 3, and ALESIS.

Picture of TOSLink Fiber Optic Digital Audio Cable (S/PDIF) – 1.5 Feet

The TosLink audio cable was designed by Toshiba to connect their audio devices with the receivers. However, the cable has now been adopted by other manufacturers of audio devices and is used as a standard way of connecting many audio devices to their receivers. The cable can connect to receivers that can decode two channels of lossless audio signals.

Most new electronic entertainment devices such as TVs, digital cameras, gaming consoles, and so on incorporate both video and audio signals. However, the plethora of such devices in a home or entertainment room at home can lead to signal interference leading to distortion of audio and video output. One way of reducing the distortion of audio output is to connect the audio receiver using optical cables.

These optical signals do not suffer from capacitance and induction related interference and are, as such, free of distortion. It is possible to enhance listening pleasure through all the high tech devices that one has simply by using better quality TosLink optical audio cables. This simple change can be sufficient to getter better audio output.


The TosLink optical cable is available in lengths that vary from 1.5 feet to 100 feet. The length of the cable to be purchased depends on the distance between the devices to be connected. As longer cables are more expensive and can also clutter up the space between devices, it is better to first decide on the placement of the electronic devices to be connected and then purchase the cable of the right length.

As with any cable used to connect electronic devices to transmit signals you need to ensure that the TosLink Optical audio cable length is not more than that required. This is because unnecessary bending of the cable can lead to distortion of signals, damage to the cable, and so on.


The TosLink optical audio cable comes with a heavy jacket that helps prevent damage and provides greater strain relief. This cable is designed to provide clean signals even when the volume is at extreme levels. Whether the volume of the audio signal being transmitted is very high or low, these cables will ensure clean signals. The heavy jacket is made of PVC adding to the style and durability of the cable. It also provides greater flexibility to the cable, making it easier to use it even in hard to reach spots. Otherwise, these cables can be temporarily or permanently damaged if tightly bent.

Picture of TOSLink Fiber Optic Digital Audio Cable (S/PDIF) – 1.5 Feet

The TosLink optical audio cables have a 1mm low loss core, heavy metal connectors, and low jitter synthetic fiber. These features ensure that this cable is capable of dampening vibration ensuring great listening pleasure.

The Red Light

As the name suggests, these TosLink cables use light to transmit audio signals. This ensures that interference by ground loop, RFI, or EMI is completely eliminated. This, ultimately, translates into distortion free audio for the listener. Typically, the TosLink optical audio cable uses a red light that has a peak wavelength of 650 nm.

The place where the cable and connector meets uses molded stress relief to reduce stress in the region. This increases durability of the connection and therefore increases the life of the cable. Sometimes, the cables use other optical wavelengths as well.

The TosLink optical audio cable is manufactured to stringent standards to ensure better listening experience. This includes precision polished fiber tips that ensure better signal transfer. Furthermore, these tips are protected using tip protectors to make sure that the quality and effectiveness lasts longer.

Male Type

The connectors used in the TosLink optical audio cable are the male to male type. This cable has been designed for Dolby Digital DTS surround sound receivers as well as other audio equipment. The cables and connectors are compatible with a wide range of audio equipment that have been manufactured to provide a better aural experience.

These cables are typically black in color.

The design of the TosLink optical audio cable is meant to reduce distortion, enhance listening pleasure, and enable ease of use. This is achieved by using heavy PVC jackets that will minimize damage to the cable when it is bent. The improved flexibility is of incredible use when connecting the cable to a device. The connectors are also designed to provide a better grip and take the strain of the connection.

No Loss of Sound Quality

The low loss core and the heavy metal connectors combine to reduce distortion and jitter. The actual connection is made by fiber tips. While the cable is protected by a heavy PVC jacket, the tips are precision polished, and protected to ensure that there is no loss of audio quality because of any damage caused to the exposed fiber tips. Awesome Capability

By ensuring that every part of the TosLink optical audio cable is designed to minimize distortion and be protected against damage, the manufacturer has made these cables optimal for use in connecting any electronic device that receives audio signals. These cables provide the twin advantages of distortion free signals and durability. They can be used to connect devices that are as far as 100 meters apart without any loss of signal strength.

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