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Simple And Elegant: Cmple Low Profile Tilting Wall Mount, 35-70” Flat Panel TVs

“How did you do that?”

That’s a question you love to hear when you’ve built something beautiful and it’s not obvious how you pulled it off. And it’s a question often asked by people drooling over seamlessly-mounted HDTVs on living room walls, wondering how an enormous flat-screen monitor can seem to hang in mid-air.


When guests marvel at the lovely HDTV mounted on your wall and ask how you did it, you can tell them you paid an installation company a fortune to do it. Or if you’re smart, you’ll be able to tell them you used a ridiculously-inexpensive, low-profile tilting wall mount from Cmple.

Mounting an HDTV

Mounting a brand-new high-def television or monitor on the wall, particularly if it’s wide enough that you can’t comfortably pick it up by yourself, can seem incredibly intimidating. In reality, it’s a very simple process.

Today’s best lightweight wall mounts are built to be unobtrusive, and are ultra-slim so they don’t stick out from the wall and ruin the look of your modern HDTV. They’re designed to hold specific sizes and weights, so there’s no chance you’ll choose a mount that’s too big for your TV or too small to hold it securely. And they’re outfitted with universal mounting plates that can fit onto any make or model of flat panel television. You may need a friend or family member to help you hang a very large monitor, but aside from that it’s a one-person job that will take just minutes.


Cmple’s Low-Profile Tilting Wall Mount

This wall mount from Cmple is smartly designed and extremely strong, so once your HDTV is on the wall you’ll only see the monitor, not ugly brackets – and it will hold your television just one inch from the wall with no danger of teetering or falling. Even better, hanging it couldn’t be simpler. You simply secure the mount to the wall with the help of the built-in bubble level, screw the bracket to the back of the TV, and you’re done.

The low-profile mount is made to handle LED, LCD and older plasma models with 37-70” screens that weigh up to 77 pounds. The weight limit is enough to support just about any TV of that size, and to ensure safety, every Cmple mount has to pass a test proving it can hold three times the recommended maximum weight before it can be sold. The mounting bracket is VESA-compliant, meaning it has standard screw holes patterns to accommodate every common TV: 200x200, 400x200, 300x300, 400x400 and 600x400.


Another great feature of this wall mount is that it’s built with an open architecture, so you can manage any necessary connecting cables behind and under the HDTV leaving plenty of ventilation for the equipment. But best of all is the mount’s tilt function, allowing you to adjust the screen up or down by 15° either way. Whether you want to watch from high-backed chairs or a comfortable couch, or sit on the floor to play video games, you can aim the TV directly at your viewing position with a single touch.

The Cmple low-profile tilting wall mount is impeccably designed, tremendously sturdy and functional, simple to install, and virtually invisible. If you’d rather, you can pay a professional hundreds of dollars to hang your HDTV. Otherwise, you can pick up one of these babies for about ten bucks and brag about how smart you are, at the same time you’re accepting compliments for how gorgeous your wall-hung TV looks.

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