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RJ11 RJ12 Jacks are a Difference Maker

Picture of RJ12 Keystone Jack - White

RJ11 and RJ12 jacks are keystone jacks used as connectors in creating LANs in homes and offices, to set up phone networks, and so on. Given the many electronic devices such as computers that are data hungry, there is a need for these jacks to connect telecommunications ports to devices. Keystone jacks are essentially female type connectors that are mounted on a wall plate or patch panel.

Each of these keystone jacks are snap in packages that come in standardized sizes, making for ease of use. Each design and connector size and other specifications are meant for different applications. By using the right keystone jack you can easily connect various electronic and electrical devices. Two of these keystone jacks are called RJ11 and RJ12.

RJ11 and RJ12 Keystone Jacks

The RJ11 and Rj12 Keystone jacks are ideal for use when one is installing or extending a telephone line for a phone, modem, or fax connection to another room. These jacks come in ‘toolless’ designs that ensure that they can be used without the need for any special equipment or even a screwdriver. Instead they come with a small plastic clamp hinge in the back that can be lifted for inserting the cable and then let down so that it will securely hold the cable in place.

Picture of RJ12 Keystone Jack - White

High-grade RJ11 and RJ12 keystone jacks also include a plastic key that acts to further secure the cable in place. Most models of RJ 11 and RJ12 jacks come with wiring diagrams and color coded indications that help you insert the right cable in the appropriate slot. Before you purchase a RJ11 or RJ12 jack, you need to ensure that the size of the jack and the wiring matches your needs.

RJ11 4-Conductor

This RJ11 4-conductor jack comes in either ivory or white and has four conductors. It can be installed on a wall plate and does not require tools for installation – not even a punch down tool. It is best used for voice based applications when connecting telephone lines.

RJ11 Modular Plugs 6P4C

The RJ11 modular plug can be used as a replacement of phone plugs or to make customized phone cords. There is a crimp on the RJ11 connectors and the product is meant for solid phone lines. The gold plated connectors ensure distortion free transfer of signals and minimize the risk of corrosion. There are four conductors and this product can be used in homes and offices for voice application cable systems.

RJ12 Keystone Jack with 6 Conductors

The RJ12 Keystone Jack with 6 Conductors is used for easy telephone installation. It comes in white or ivory color and is installed using a wall plate. The tool less design ensures that it is easy to fix without a punch down tool. Instead one can simply insert the leads and press. This jack has 6 conductors.

RJ12 Modular Plugs 6P6C for Solid

The RJ12 Modular Plugs 6P6C for Solid can be used to make customized phone cords or replace a broken phone plug. It has a crimp on the RJ12 connectors. The gold plated contacts ensure minimal distortion of signals and are corrosion resistant as well. There are six conductors and the jack can be used in homes and offices for voice and phone applications.

Triplex Jack Adapter

The Triplex Jack Adapter is an adapter which can be used to connect three phones or similar devices to the same phone line. It has three jacks and one plug. It is made of high impact plastic and has four conductors. It is used for phone and voice applications, mainly in offices. This jack is available in ivory color.

RJ11 and RJ12 jacks are primarily used to provide easy to use plug and play connections for voice and phone cables in homes and offices. By installing these jacks, it is possible to plug a variety of data hungry devices to the ports with ease. When purchasing these jacks one needs to be clear on the size and configuration. Installing them is relatively simple since they are designed for tool less use. You can just insert the cable and close the key for a secure hold. Again, no tools are required!

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