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Review of Curved Mobile Screens

mobile phone with flexible screen

Two manufacturers have released curved mobile screens – the LG G Flex and the Samsung Round. However, there are a few major differences between the ways the two phones are curved. While the G Flex curves from top to bottom, the Samsung Round curves from the sides. The G Flex is truly flexible and you can flatten the phone and it will regain its curved shape, while the Round is curved but not flexible. The shape is static. The G Flex also has a self-healing screen that heals minor scratches over time.

All Sorts of Advantages

Both the curved mobile screens offer some advantages. The curve of the phone makes it easier to keep in pockets, especially the back pocket of your jeans. Additionally, the curve makes the phone hug your face and ear, and is less cumbersome to hold to your ear to speak. The ergonomics of using the phone are certainly better.

Combatting Glare

Flexible display

All of us who use smart phones on a regular basis have encountered the problem of glare. Whether you are using it outdoors or in a well-lighted space, the smart phone screen reflects light, making visuals on the screen indistinct. The curved mobile screens reduce this problem to some extent, making it easier to read and watch videos on the smart phone even in glare producing or existing conditions. This could be a major advantage of the curved mobile screens on the G Flex and Samsung Round.

Samsung Drawbacks

While LG’s G Flex does not take further advantage of the curved screen, the Samsung Round has built in a few features that can only be offered in a curved mobile screen. If the Round is laid on a flat surface and is locked, you can rock it by pressing the phone on either the right or left side to obtain a quick view of the time, battery status, and alerts about unread emails, messages, and so on. However, Samsung has to develop this concept further, since you still need to unlock the phone to check the email or messages. The use is more a prototype of what can be done with a curved screen than a particularly useful app at this point in time.

first device with dual-curved glass display

The second app that the Round offers for the curved mobile screens is more useful. Again, this can only be used when the phone is on a flat, stable surface. If you are listening to music from the music app on the phone, you can press the sides to rewind or forward to the next song on the playlist. This could be a great feature to have for music enthusiasts if Samsung could offer this app to work with all your sources of music. Currently, the app will not work for Spotify, Google Cloud, or similar sources of music, limiting its use.

While Samsung has tried to develop specific apps for its curved mobile screens, LG with its G Flex has just demonstrated that it has the technology to produce a curved smart phone touch screen. This can be a major slight for the phone since you will only be able to display the new shape without being able to show any new features for it.

Key Bright Spots

Those who like to stand out from the crowd with the latest technology can certainly use the curved mobile screens as a conversation starter. Their novelty alone is bound to make them attract attention when you use them in public – as you are commuting, spending time with friends, and so on. However, you also need to be able to point out the few advantages – the ease of handling and the reduced glare being the chief of them.

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