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Projector Screens vs LED TV's

Over the last decade or so, the technology catering to home theaters has improved by leaps and bounds. In the past, digital entertainment was something you had to step out of home for. Today, some of the best entertainment options can be found within the confines of your home. Instead of huge televisions that were basic and utilitarian in nature, high tech plasma, and LED televisions have become mainstream. Another entertainment option that is flourishing is that of home theater projector technology.

home theater projector

A video projector can really offer you a true blue theater and cinema experience while you are at home. But are projector screens better than LED TV’s? Is there a clear answer to help you choose one over the other? Let’s have a look at the pros and cons offered by both the mediums, so you can decide which option fits your needs best.

Led TV

Screen Size

When it comes to screen size, the latest LED TV’s offers some stunning options. However, they just cannot beat projector screens when it comes to size. Once you have the right projector set up with your home theater system, you could be watching a movie shown at the size that it was created for. Most projectors allow for projection of high definition images that go up to 300 inches diagonally and some do even more.

projector screen

Depending on the size of your media room and the lighting options, projectors can offer you a cinematic experience that will be memorable. Furthermore, you can choose to buy 3D projectors and even 4K projectors for better viewing experience. The screens themselves can be as big as the wall in your living room. Using a remote control to pull down a massive projector screen also has a certain wow factor.


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When you are watching your LED TV in the confines of your living room, the performance of your TV is not affected by the lighting in the room. Whether you are watching television with all the lights turned at maximum or with no lights at all, you will be able to enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience. Projector screens, on the other hand, tend to become inicky with ambient light.

Projection Screen

You will have to ensure that all the curtains are drawn and no light is seeping through, to ensure that the projector performs at its maximum potential. Even once you take these precautions, the projector image can become distorted if someone walks across the path of the projector beam.


Home cinema with projector screen

The cost difference between LED TV’s and projector screens is quite stark. For example, 85” Ultra 4K LED HD TVs can cost up to $40,000. Projector screens are priced between $100 and $4,000+. If astounding viewing experience is your goal, you will need a solid projector setup complete with a quality projector screen. Depending on the material that the screen is made of and the presence of an automatic retractable function, the price of the projector screen might go up.


In today’s day and age, LED TV’s are much smaller than their older tube TV counterparts. These flat screen devices can be hung on the wall itself and this saves plenty of space. However, projector screens are paper-thin. If you get one that is retractable, it will barely be taking up a curtain-rod’s space in your home. But it has a few limitations also. You can place an LED TV just about anywhere. Projector screens will need to be placed keeping the distance from the projector in mind.

Understanding what you really require from an entertainment system is the first step of choosing a projector screen setup over an LED TV or vice versa.

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