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Popular Video Cable Formats

Whether you want to watch your favorite movie on your home theater or you simply want to work or play games on your PC, you definitely seek for quality video interface. Poor video definition is a mood killer and takes all the fun and enjoyment away.

For high definition multimedia interface, you need outstanding video connectivity that offers video streaming in an uncompressed and secure manner. There are several video cable formats on the market to cater to the viewers’ needs of great picture quality, high definition and sharp colors. Cmple HDMI Cables

Picture of 28 AWG High Speed HDMI Cable With Ferrite Cores - 1.5 Feet Green

Some of the most popular video cable formats are discussed below:

HDMI Cables

This is one of the most sought after video cable format. It offers both high definition audio and video. It is widely used on cable TV, Satellite Set Top Boxes, Projectors, Home Theaters, DVD players and Playstation.

The reason for its popularity, besides offering remarkable video quality, is continuously being evolved and upgraded with new & improved features. Also, it remains compatible with old versions and a single cable facilitates both video and audio connection.

DVI Format

Digital Video Interface (DVI) is yet another widely used video interface technology designed and created to maximize the picture and color quality of LCD monitors and video graphic cards. DVI’s have replaced the Plug and Display format completely.

Picture of DVI-D Digital Dual Link Male/Male Cable Gold Plated – 3 Feet

here are 3 different types of DVI connections available including DVI-Analog, DVI-Digital and DVI-Integrated.

Unlike HDMI connections, the DVI format only supports video display not audio.

The Composite cable doesn’t offer high definition video display. It provides standard definition connectivity. The Composite cable is a combination of three colored wires; two for audio and one for video. The red and white colored wiring is for audio while the yellow wiring is for video streaming. The standard definition of the video through Composite cable is about 480i to 576i resolution.

VGA Cable

VGA stands for Video Graphic Array. The VGA cable is plugged in a VGA three row 15 pin connector. The Video Graphic Array cable offer high definition video display as compared to the composite cable. It carries analog RGBHV component signals (red, green, blue, horizontal sync and vertical sync). Video Graphic Array cables are usually used on projectors, HDTV’s and computer video cards. Nowadays, VGA is supported by every PC. Also, a wide variety of features are available today to enhance the VGA functionality such as VGA gold plated plugs and extender cords.

Bayonet Neill–Concelman (BNC) Cables

The BNC cables are digital video coaxial cables with BNC connectors mounted on each end. These cables offer high definition and a great video connectivity. These are used for monitor connections and also with HDTV’s. In addition to this, these cables are also used in professional production equipment, TV studios and security cameras.

F-Type Cables

These are also popular video cable format. F-type cables are like coaxial cable with a connector. They offer both audio and video connectivity. F-Type cables can be connected to cable modems and satellite boxes easily.

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