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Is the Samsung KN55S9C OLED Television the New Revolution?

The Samsung KN55S9C OLED television is indeed a revolution in the world of digital viewing technology. For one, this television incorporates the latest technology (organic light-emitting diode or OLED) that is currently available for mass consumption and delivers the best picture amongst the current crop of TVs in the market. Secondly, the Samsung KN55S9C is one of the only two TVs of its ilk in the market right now, its competitor being the LG 55EA9800 OLED television. This Samsung TV has clearly taken a giant leap and is now straddling the frontiers of viewing technology, that is, till some other maverick of a television set, most probably from the stables of Sony or Panasonic, comes along and upstages it!

OLED TV on stand

Samsung OLED TV offers stunning picture quality, better than any other LED, LCD, or plasma television that’s on the store shelf right now. The OLED technology is a vast improvement on the LED version with a richer color palette and the ability to generate vibrant and life-like images in superior and spectacular detail. The result is an immersive viewing experience that you have never felt before.

Spectacular Technology

However, this is not THE eye-popping and jaw-dropping feature that has generated all the hype around the Samsung OLED TV! Read on to discover the marvel that this technology.

The revelation of the OLED technology is that it can work at the molecular level (of sorts) of an image and make every pixel brighter or darker separately. This enables the Samsung OLED TV to generate pictures with an infinite degree of contrast ratio, which is the difference between the darkest and the brightest pixel. Such a contrast ration creates immensely vivid, piercingly sharp, and stunningly realistic images on screen and redefines your viewing experience.

Raising the Bar

New  OLED TV Panasonic

Another stunner of a feature of the Samsung OLED television is that it can produce almost blur-free images. This means that whatever be the action on the screen—from the slight twitch of the facial muscle or a ripple on the water to lightning fast sporting action—you will now never miss the details.

Technology Costs Money

The Samsung KN55S9C OLED television is priced less than its LG counterpart, which makes it more desirable to potential customers. But then, both these televisions are priced steeply so most prospective TV buyers will still think twice before shelling out their money.

Geometry of the Curve

The Samsung OLED television features an intriguing curved screen. The curve is very gentle and doesn’t take anything away from your viewing experience if you position yourself smack in the middle and a little close to the screen. But you may perceive a slight distortion of the images if you sit on one side or too far above or below the level of the screen. So was this curve needed at all? It does give a distinct and a futuristic look to the set. Or is this curve a precursor to things to come, like foldable OLED TVs that are in the pipeline?

The Samsung OLED television lives up to all the hype it had generated before its launch. Its steep price tag certainly befits the superlative viewing experience that it offers.

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