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Infrared Repeater Systems

Compact Premium IR Infrared Repeater Kit System

Infrared Repeaters are compact systems that usually allow you to connect up to 8 home media devices. They grant people the ability to operate virtually their entire home theater system without actually having the equipment visible. In addition to the compact storage option of IR systems, they also give you the ability to use a single remote to easily operate all of your home theater equipment.

How to set it up

The operation and setup of the system is extremely simple – all you need is a closet or some type of storage area that you can set up all of the equipment as well as the Infrared Main System Unit (MSU). The MSU works by receiving infrared commands from the sensor and translating the information to the IR flashers (which take information from the remote and sends it to the MSU). There are different kinds of MSUs depending on the number of devices that you wish to connect together. The only thing that you really need to do is set up the sensors in a place that you wish to point the remote at, and connect and attach the wires. You connect each component once and just like that, your system is set up.

Why get one?

There are many reasons why setting up an IR repeater system may be useful in a house or apartment. For smaller homes, it can reduce the amount of bulky equipment sitting out in the open, resulting in a more spacious and comfortable environment.


Even in larger homes, there are many reasons why this piece of equipment may be useful. Instead of having mounds of ugly home theater equipment sitting around your television or audio system, you can hide all of that by using an IR system. This makes for more comfort and is more aesthetically pleasing. Also, in homes with young children, it is most certainly a safer option to keep all of the electrical components hidden in one place, rather than allowing the children to play around them. Without the system, risk for injury by electric shock or damage to the system is a completely feasible outcome.

One-remote solution

Another reason to use an IR system simply revolves around the convenience of use. Say goodbye to multiple remotes with different buttons. Particularly for the elderly or less tech-savvy population, having a pile of remotes can simply be confusing and can stifle the enjoyment capacity of a home theater system. IR repeater systemBy only needing to use one remote, this allows these types of people to conveniently learn the layout of the remote only once in order to properly enjoy their favorite shows or movies.

As you can see, there are few reasons not to use one of these systems. Infrared repeaters allow you to compactly and conveniently store all of your equipment in one place and use a universal remote to control them. The interconnectedness can create a more clean, comfortable and attractive living and entertainment environment with a simple setup and easy use. Whether you live in a small apartment or a giant mansion – and IR repeater can be a useful piece of equipment for you.

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