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Heavy-Duty Full-Motion TV Wall Mount for 37"-70" LCD/LED TVs

How this Full-Motion Wall Mount Works

A full-motion TV wall mount can be turned in either direction. It’s controlled by an arm which extends from the mount that’s installed in your wall. This arm can reach a 120-degree angle in either direction as it can turn 60 degrees each way. An additional tilt swivel is featured in this wall mount. You’ll be able to tilt the TV up or down to a reach a maximum of 15 degrees either way.
Full-Motion Wall mountThis type of mount comes with universal hole patterns. You can adjust the mount to line up with the mounting holes in the back of your television. The sizing allows for a hole placement width of up to 32.51 inches and a height of up to 15.9 inches.

Installing a TV in the Corner of Your Room

This full-motion wall mount allows you to position your TV anywhere in a room. Even in tight corners, this highly adjustable product will create sufficient space to fit your television. The key is having the mount act as a buffer between the wall and screen. With this full-motion TV mount, there is room between the wall and the TV. The swivel feature makes it possible to further control how far the mount sticks out from the ceiling and any nearby walls.

Important Specs for the Cmple 37 to 70 Inch Wall Mount

The TV bracket can adjust so your TV is anywhere from 4.92 inches to 20.27 inches away from the wall. The maximum weight capacity is 132 lbs. Any flat panel TV that’s no less than 37 inches and no more than 70 inches in size should fit with this mount.
Important Specs for the Cmple 37 to 70 Inch Wall Mount
The mount also features a leveling feature via the “steering wheel tilt” which lets you adjust it to be level. In fact, a built-in bubble leveler is included on the mount to make sure it’s installed perfectly level.

Why Not Buy an Expensive Wall Mount?

Most wall mounts are made with similar materials. Few horror stories exist of TVs literally “falling off the wall,” because the metal construction is generally sturdy. Any company worth competing in this industry will have quality made mounts for sale. The difference, and most what you pay for, is in the various angling features that each mount offers.

Therefore, there is little difference between Cmple wall mounts and offerings from premium brand names. That little difference is the price. But, when shopping for discount TV wall mounts, that’s actually a huge difference.
Heavy-Duty Full-Motion Wall Mount
Is your TV between 37 and 70 inches in size? If so, this universal and full-motion wall TV mount is the best choice for you. Make your TV fit anywhere - including in corners - thanks to the dual heavy arm and its maneuverability. With the ability to achieve 120-degree viewing angles, there’s no doubt that this flexible wall mount will accommodate your needs.

The Heavy-Duty Full-Motion Wall Mount for 37-70 inch TVs offered at Cmple provides increased flexibility when wall-mounting a television. This product’s greater versatility via its swivel feature and universal hole patterns will make it work for almost any TV in any room of your house. Combined with superior quality construction, you can feel confident knowing this 37”-70” LCD/LED TV wall mount will work for you.
full motion tv wall mount
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