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HDMI Flat Cables

HDMI has completely changed the nature of home theater and audio-video systems. All of the signal transmissions necessary for a high-quality entertainment experience – high-definition video, digital audio, and others such as copy-protection signals – are carried through a single cable which requires only one connection at either end. It’s the ultimate in signal transfer, and the ultimate in convenience.

But those bulky, round HDMI cables are kind of ugly, aren’t they? It’s worth putting up with the looks of an HDMI cable because of all it can do, but it still sticks out just about wherever you run it, especially if you want to run it along a wall (where it’s very visible) or under a carpet (where it creates a big bulge)

Flat HDMI Cable

Cmple has the answer: our HDMI flat cables. These beautiful, extremely thin cables do everything that bigger, round HDMI cables can do; in fact, many experts believe they can do even more. They’re also much easier on the eye, as well as much easier to blend with your room’s décor. We have a selection of high-quality flat HDMI cables available in every length you could need, at our always-low Cmple prices.

What Makes HDMI Flat Cables Different?

Well, they’re flat, of course. But in order to accomplish the tall order of slimming down a bulky cable, some clever engineering was required. The typical round HDMI cable has a braided core with the conductors wrapped around one another. In an HDMI flat cable, however, the wires are separated and laid flat along the entire width of the cable, allowing the entire package to be much thinner. No definitive testing has been done, but many feel that the performance of a flat HDMI cable is superior to a standard round one, because the separation of wires lessens the possibility of interference inside the wiring. Even if the “superior” theory isn’t true, an HDMI flat cable has exactly the same high-definition and high-resolution capabilities as its round cousin.

Functionally, these Cmple flat cables are a breeze to work with. They’re obviously superior to round cables if you want to run them under rugs or carpeting because they won’t stick out (although you should run them in low-traffic areas so they’re not damaged by continual pressure from shoes and feet). But if you want to run them along a wall or baseboard they will lay flat, unlike round A/V cabling. They can even be painted over and will completely blend into the drywall without the telltale semicircular bulge of normal cable.

Flat HDMI Cable CL2 Rated Gold Plated - 10 Feet

Flat cables are easier to manage if you have a number of cables in the same general area, because their shape will make them stand out. They’re also less likely to get tangled in a rat’s nest of wiring – which lessens the possibility of signal degradation due to interference from other cables in close proximity. And importantly, they’re more flexible than round cables because they’re designed to bend. That certainly makes it simple to position them exactly where you want them, but what’s crucial is that their flexibility is a guarantee of better signal quality; bending round HDMI cables can cause the inside conductors to kink, leading to signal degradation or even a complete loss of picture or sound. You won’t run that risk with HDMI flat cables.

Cmple HDMI Flat Cables: Designed For Quality

Our engineers have created Cmple’s HDMI flat cables to the same exacting levels as our standout round HDMI cabling. They are certified to meet all HDMI Category 2 standards, so they support resolutions from 480i all the way up to today’s modern 1080p high-definition signals, and meet requirements for recent upgrades in video quality like x.v.Color and Deep Color. They also support all modern high-resolution audio formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Overall, the cables can handle bandwidth as high as 340 MHz; as long as you have the components to deliver it, our HDMI flat cables will reproduce flawless video and stunning audio from end-to-end.

Here’s how that’s accomplished. The cables contain 19 tin-plated high-purity copper conductors for maximum conductivity and minimal corrosion, and are triple-shielded to eliminate both electromagnetic and radio frequency interference which could affect video or audio quality. All wire welds are strong and solid, and all connectors are gold-plated for an extra level of protection against signal noise and corrosion. The only accommodation which needs to be made for the flat cable design is the use of a slightly lower gauge of conductor than is normally used in round HDMI cables. Our engineers have confirmed that this makes absolutely no difference in the quality of the video and audio signals delivered from one end of the flat cable to the other as long as it doesn’t exceed 50 feet, which is the longest HDMI flat cable we sell.

All of our Cmple flat HDMI cables are rated CL2, which means they’re safe (and will pass all inspections) for in-wall or in-ceiling installations. The only place they can’t be run is in building plenums or ductwork. They’re also UL certified, HDCP compatible (meaning they can pass modern encryption signals which would otherwise prevent the playing of protected content), CEC compliant (meeting strict California standards for energy efficiency), RoHS compliant (free of all potentially toxic materials like lead, mercury, cadmium, PBBs and PBDE) and have passed the VW-1 flame resistance test. In addition to delivering outstanding video and performance, these cables are as safe as they can possibly be.

The same high quality is used to build each of our flat cables; they’re available in lengths of three feet, six feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, 25 feet and 50 feet.

Any modern home theater or audio/video system will make extensive use of HDMI cables. In fact, even if you have a simple high-definition television without all of the bells and whistles, you probably use at least one HDMI cable to connect incoming signals to your monitor. You probably had no idea that convenient, attractive, and potentially higher-quality flat HDMI cables existed. Now that you do, you have no excuse not to trade up, particularly when our Cmple HDMI flat cables are priced as low as 75-80% less than the “Gigantic” cables sold at your local big box store.

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