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HDMI Cables 28AWG

HDMI cables in 28AWG thickness are awesome an ideal for connecting HDMI devices such as HDTV with Blu-ray players, set top boxes, Dolby surround sound systems, and so on. While these devices can be connected with other cables as well, what makes HDMI cables 28AWG special is that one cable can be used to transmit high definition video, provide support for 3D images, and used as an audio return channel. This makes for fewer cables to connect and deal with, while obtaining clear, distortion free images, and audio.

Varying Thickness

28 AWG High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet

HDMI cables come in varying thicknesses, with the higher AWG number denoting a thinner cable. When it comes to transmitting distortion free digital signals, thicker cables should be used when the distance between the devices is greater and thinner cables can be used for shorter distances. Another factor that can impact the choice of thickness as measured by the American Wire Gauge scale is the cost factor. Thicker cables are more expensive.

Ferrite Cores

Some of the HDMI cables 28AWG have ferrite cores. These are professional grade cables and the ferrite cores ensure that electromagnetic noise is reduced for better clarity of digital signals – both audio and video.

Braided Cables

Another variation of HDMI cables 28AWG are braided cables. These cables have triple shields to protect from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Varying Speeds

The HDMI cables 28AWG come in three different speeds – high speed, standard speed, and ultra-high speed.

Standard Speed Cables

The standard speed HDMI cables 28AWG are capable of providing high refresh speeds of 120 Hz and more. They are CL2 rated and can be safely installed in walls.

High Speed Cables

HDMI Cable with Ethernet and Ferrite Cores

The high speed HDMI cables 28AWG offer 4Kx2 K support. This means that the cables are suitable for video resolutions of more than 1080p and are future compatible. This cable can support resolutions of future digital cinema such as 3840x2160 and 4096x2160. These cables also support more color spaces such as Adobe RGB Color, Adobe YCC601 color, and sYCC601 color, apart from the more standard x.v. color and RGB color. With a complete range of colors now capable of being transmitted, viewing pleasure is enhanced.

Ultra High Speed Cables

The ultra-high speed HDMI cables 28AWG offer the fastest speeds. These cables are braided and offer speeds of 340 MHz or 10.2gbps. This ensures faster refresh rates available and provides 48-bit deep color. There is shielding throughout the cable for protection against interference. Moreover, the cables have full metal jacket connectors. These cables can also be used for Ethernet connection to ensure that your HDTV can be connected to the Internet or sharing Internet between two HDMI devices. This cable guarantees resolution rates of 1440 p and lower.


The HDMI cables 28AWG are CEC, HDCP, and ROHS compliant.

Audio Support

While each of these cables varies in the video resolutions it supports, all of them support high resolution digital audio standards such as DTS Master Audio and Dolby Digital TrueHD.


All of these cables have gold plated connectors that are corrosion resistant and provide lower distortion at the point of contact, optimizing the signal transfer.

3D Support

High speed and ultra-high speed HDMI cables 28AWG provide 3D support, ensuring that you can use a single cable to connect the devices and receive 3D signals on your HDTV.

Backward Compatible

Each of these HDMI cables 28AWG are backward compatible with earlier versions of HDMI electronic devices. This means that you can use them with older electronic devices while ensuring that the cables are ready for any new developing technologies that may hit the scene in the future.


All the cables have PVC shielding that reduces electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, proving distortion free digital signals.

Lengths Available

The HDMI cables 28AWG are available in varying lengths starting from 1.5 feet and going up to 50 feet.

Colors Available

The HDMI cables are also available in a range of colors enabling easy color coding and sorting as well as providing you with the choice of color coordinating the cables with the equipment. You can find HDMI cables 28AWG in black, white, red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, green, and pink.


The HDMI cables 28AWG are used primarily to connect HDMI electronic devices with each other. The cables can be used to connect computers, set top boxes, Blu-ray players, and satellite dish to your HDTV. This will ensure that you receive distortion free digital signals that will enhance your viewing and listening pleasure.

The cables are designed to be backward compatible with older HDMI devices even as they support higher that available resolutions and color so that you can use the same cables even when you upgrade your HDTV. This will ensure that you can soon watch films with better resolution than current digital cinema quality even at home. The quality of the final images and audio will of course depend on the quality and features of your digital devices such as TV and set top box.

However, if you have invested in a high end HDTV and would love to watch 3D movies at home, you need to upgrade your cables as well to ensure minimal cables and maximum resolution as well as distortion free digital signals. The speed of refreshing the signals or refresh rate will also depend on the speed rating of the HDMI cable – standard, high speed, or ultra high speed.

Importance of Quality Cables

Well shielded, corrosion resistant, and properly made HDMI cables 28AWG will ensure that you can use the cables for long without having to worry about the quality of transmission or distortion by electromagnetic interference from other digital and electronic equipment in your home. By connecting your HDTV with these cables you can experience better quality audio and video without having to try and connect the various devices with multiple cables that all need to be connected to the right input slots. You can simplify the cabling of your home entertainment system while also obtaining superior images and audio signals by using these HDMI cables 28AWG.

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