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Fixed TV Wall Mounts

The unparalleled picture quality of a flat-screen high-definition television is just about enough to convince anyone that they need one – as soon as possible. But anyone who needs more justification simply has to see one of these HDTVs mounted on a wall, and they’ll immediately realize they’d no longer need to take up valuable space with a cabinet, table or "home entertainment center" to hold their TV. All they’d need is a wall mount.

Ultra Slim Heavy-Duty Fixed Wall Mount

Some people may want or need motion wall mounts, in order to be able to swivel their HDTV to be viewed from multiple areas of a room, or tilt it so it can be properly seen from the floor. For many, though, all they need is a fixed wall mount to secure the monitor firmly into an optimal viewing position.

Fixed TV wall mounts come in a variety of styles, with different methods of attaching the screen to the mount, different amounts of space between the monitor and the wall, and different types of open-architecture construction which allow extra ventilation for the TV. But the most important variables to consider when choosing a fixed wall mount involve the HDTV itself.

Know Your TV

Ultra Slim Heavy-Duty Fixed Wall Mount

Ultra Slim Heavy-Duty Fixed Wall Mount

It’s impossible to select a wall mount which will work with your television without knowing two key numbers: the weight of your TV and its size. Mounts are normally classified as either standard or heavy-duty, depending on the amount of weight they can safely hold. Cmple’s standard fixed mounts can usually hold HDTVs or monitors weighing up to 44 pounds while our heavy-duty models are usually rated at 99 pounds. That can vary, though, so be sure to check the specifications for the mount you’re looking at before making a purchase decision. The mounts are also categorized by the size of screen they can accommodate; some Cmple fixed mounts can take TVs as small as 23 inches, while others can handle flat-screens as large as 70 inches. Again, check the numbers so you can be safe before ordering, not sorry after it’s arrived.

Ultra Slim Heavy-duty Fixed Wall Mount for 23"-42" LED, 3D LED, LCD TV's

Types of Mounts

The large selection of Cmple fixed wall mounts includes everything from traditional mounting plates to picture-frame style mounting hardware and innovative automatic locking devices. Most are designed to present an extremely low profile; when combined with today’s ultra-slim high-definition televisions they present the seamless, modern look most people want for their wall-mounted monitor.

Extremely Slim Velcro-Fixed Wall Mount

There are two traditional types of HDTV wall mount. One is simply a large bracket that is bolted onto the wall, leaving only about half-an-inch of space between the wall and the back of the monitor. The TV then screws directly onto the bracket, with VESA compliant mounting holes assuring that any television will be compatible with the bracket. The second style of traditional mount consists of a wide bracket plate that attaches to the wall, and two mounting arms which attach to the television and then lock onto the bracket plate. In some cases, the TV will be attached to the arms with screws and nuts; in others, heavy-duty Velcro fasteners are used to secure the television to the arms and mount.


Cmple also offers several newer models of fixed wall mounts, which make it simpler than ever to hang your HDTV on the wall. The first is known as the "picture hanging" style, in which you attach anchors, with a sturdy metal wire attached to them, to the back of your television (again, using the VESA mounting holes). You then attach small mounting discs to the wall and "hang" the television on the discs by means of the metal wire – just like you’d hang a picture onto picture hooks. As long as you’ve firmly anchored the mounting discs, the TV will stay firmly in place, less than an inch from the wall.

Extremely Slim Velcro-Fixed Wall Mount for 23"-42" LCD/LED TV's

The second newer option is called an ultra-slim lock mechanism. There’s a single, long mounting plate that attaches to the wall and the monitor simply slips into the plate, clicks into place and is securely locked to the plate. Believe it or not, this works wonderfully well and can hold HDTVs that weigh as much as 88 pounds without a problem.

These new style fixed wall mounts have two major advantages. They firmly attach your high-def monitor to the wall with no brackets potentially "sticking out" from either the sides or the bottom for a clean and uncluttered look, and they make it easier than ever to hang your own TV. They’re a few dollars more expensive, but many people feel they’re worth it.

Other Benefits of Cmple Fixed Wall Mounts

Ultra Slim Automatic Lock Mechanism Wall Mount

Cmple’s fixed wall mounts are designed to be safe and secure. They’re manufactured to our rigid quality standards, tested at weights well above their listed capacity, and completely free of hazardous materials like lead, mercury and PBBs thanks to their RoHS certification. There’s no danger to anyone in your family, either from heavy monitors not properly secured or from construction materials that haven’t been fully tested for safety.


We also supply everything you need to make installation easy. All necessary hardware is included with each mount, as are detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to hang your mount and television. There are also bubble or spirit levels included on most mounts, so you won’t need a hand-held manual or laser level to ensure that you’re hanging the mount straight. And as mentioned earlier, our mounts designed to attach directly to televisions are VESA compliant with all of the standard hole patterns you’ll find on every popular model of HDTV, so you’ll never have to wonder if your TV will fit into the mount you’re purchasing.

Ultra Slim Automatic Lock Mechanism Wall Mount for 26"-47" LED/LCD TVs.

Many of our fixed wall mounts also come with an included spacer to help you determine and adjust the distance between the back of the monitor and the wall. This will allow you to hang the TV so there’s enough room behind the unit to run any necessary cables. Typical spacers will let you choose a distance between ¾ of an inch and 1½ inches, plenty of room for power and HDMI cables.

Finally, all of our wall mounts have the trademark Cmple advantage: very low prices for very high-quality merchandise.

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