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Coolest Tech Hacks For 2015


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In 2015, we use technology in ways only true visionaries could imagine a decade ago. But it’s human nature to look for ways to get even more out of what we already have – and that calls for some cool tech hacks. Here are some of the coolest.

Key Fob

The key fob is the device that now comes with your car keys – the one you click to lock and unlock the vehicle, and to flash your headlights so you can find your car in a dark parking lot. If you’re in the latter situation and searching in vain, you can actually be your own tech hack. Place the fob against the skin under your chin. Your head will act as an antenna and extend the range of the fob, so you can find your car even if it’s on the other side of the lot. There is no health risk.


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Keyboard Gunk

As a general rule, you don't want to look into the spaces between the keys on your computer – unless you have an exceptionally strong stomach. If you don't have a can of compressed air lying around, grab a sticky note and run the sticky side through the gap between the keys. Much of the gunk will stick to the note.


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Smartphone Speakers

Want to play music on your smart phone without speakers, or to increase the volume so a group of people can listen in on a conversation? Find a dry, clean glass. Place the phone in the cup and point the open end towards the listeners. The cup will amplify the phone’s sound significantly.


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Protect Smart Phone Cords

Smart phone cords tend to be thin and easily damaged. Here's a hack to protect them. Grab a ballpoint pen and take it apart. There should be a metal spring in the bottom of the pen. Take it out and wrap it around the areas of the phone cord you usually damage. The spring will act as “armor” and help prevent damaging kinks.


TV Sound Hack

If your television sound is less than optimal, upgrade the data connection by using HDMI cables. HDMI transfers sound as light pulses, eliminating the buzzing and interference which can be a problem with analog transmission. HDMI is more expensive but definitely worth it; it’s the equivalent of switching from an AM radio station to FM. The wires are constructed with much better materials as well, which means they should last the life of your entertainment system.

Car Door Hack

Car garages are not as big as they used to be. If you’re always banging your door on the garage wall when getting in and out of the car, just buy a cheap foam pool noodle. Slice it in half down the length of the noodle. Screw one-half of the noodle into the wall, at the height of the car door. When you open the door, the edge will hit the soft noodle instead of the wall. No damage to the wall – and no damage to your car door.

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