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Coolest Emerging Smart Technologies

fitness bracelet

The developments in the communications and electronics industry have lead to the development of many smart technologies that are set to make our lives easier. There are a slew of products that one can look forward to that will help provide information about ourselves and our environment and also help us control various factors of our home environment. Smart homes, smart watches, smart cuffs, wearable smart clothes, and baby monitors have all been developed.

Smart Watches

Smart watch

Almost all the smart phone manufacturers have come up with smart watches that use Bluetooth to connect or tether to a smart phone and thereby with the Internet. These smart watches can monitor your heart rate as you exercise, act as a pedometer, remind you of appointments, and provide information about the weather. Now, smart watch manufacturers are teaming up with watch designers to ensure that these watches look marvelous even as they provide a host of applications.

Smart Cuff

Smart Cuff

The smart cuff Puls is more like a bracelet and does not need to be tethered to a smart phone. Instead, it comes with its own antenna and 3G and WiFi slot, so that the user does not need a smart phone to get their heart rate and other data monitored. You can use it to search the Net and so on, though you will need another data plan for it. So far it has a short battery span of five hours, but can be recharged if you also wear the smart apparel and shoes along with it. This might be a marvelous device if you are training and do not want to have to carry a smart phone along with you.


Another device that has a lot of potential is the Bionym, a wearable ECG signature that can be used for authentication of access to other smart devices, cars, payment, and so on. The device monitors heart rate using a small, portable ECG device. As each person’s heart rate is unique, this can be used as a biological fingerprint for indent verification.

Wearable Baby Monitor

New parents will be happy to have access to Sproutling, a wearable baby monitor. The device is strapped on to the ankle of the baby and the baby’s temperature, position, and movement are monitored and transmitted to the parent’s smart phone via a special app. Parents can be alerted to things such as a baby turning from the safe back down position, waking up, and so on, reducing the need to keep walking into the baby’s room when she is sleeping. The device is capable of learning about the baby and can even predict baby’s moods after some time.

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