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Connecting Your iPad to Your TV is not Magical, Just Straightforward

There are plenty of spectacular and astonishing films, videos, and other viewing material on the web that you can watch on your TV. However, as most TVs cannot directly connect to the Internet, you need an iPad or similar device connected to the TV. To do this you need to use the right cables and make sure that you connect them to the right ports or jacks in the TV and iPad.


Once you do this, it is essentially a plug and play approach to viewing home videos and video streaming apps using your iPad on your TV. The type of cable you need to use depends on the iPad model you are using as well as the TV model you are using.

Wireless Connectivity

You can also obtain wireless connectivity between your TV and with Apple TV and AirPlay. However, this is an expensive solution. You will also need to leave your iPad in a single place and only those videos and apps that are AirPlay compatible can be viewed on the TV screen. The only advantage is that you will not have a nest of cables around your TV console.

Digital A/V Adapter

A less expensive and more portable solution to connecting your iPad to the TV uses the digital A/V adapter. This has a port that you can plug into the iPad at one end and a HDMI cable at the other. The HDMI cable can then be connected to your TV.

Lightning Adapter

There are two types of digital A/V adapters and you need to pick the right one for your device. If your iPad is fourth gen or an iPad mini, it is a lightning device and you should use this adapter. With this device you can see your iPad screen mirrored on the TV screen in most cases. While a few apps such as the Netflix one have been tweaked, you can play video games on the TV screen and use the iPad as the controller.


RCA Composite Video Cable - GOLD with Yellow Boot

30-Pin Digital A/V Adapter

If you have an older iPad you need to get the 30-pin digital A/V adapter. However, with this cable you will be able to receive mirroring from an iPad, but not some of the older Apple devices. You can use this to view music and viewing apps even if they do not support a video out.


1.5 ft HDMI Cable extension Male to Female Gold Plated

Composite Cable

Just as the quality of the video transmitted from the iPad to the device depends on the generation of iPad it also depends on the TV model. The cable you use will also depend on the TV model. If you have an older TV, you need to use a composite cable for the final leg of the connection. In this case, the video resolution will be a maximum of 480i, not high resolution.

Given the increasingly large collection of video apps and videos of high quality that are available online, one way of viewing them on a large screen TV is to connect your iPad to the TV. While wireless connectivity is an option, this is expensive and reduces the portability. Instead, you can use the appropriate cables to connect your iPad to the TV and enjoy a large screen version of your favorite videos, video games, and video streaming app content.

The quality of the final image on the TV screen will depend on various factors such as the resolution of the original image, the type of cables used, the age and generation of the TV model and iPad model. Those willing to invest in premium cables will be able to obtain better resolution as long as they have a high resolution TV as well.

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