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Component Video Cables 5 and What they Entail

Picture of Video/Audio 5 RCA Bundled Cables For HDTV/Components 100 Feet

Most modern homes have entertainment electronic devices such as HDTVs, video game consoles, computers, DVD players, and cameras. All of these provide video inputs that can be viewed on the TV screen if connected to it. However, connecting a host of devices to the TV screen can lead to a messy tangle of wires behind the screen. Instead, one can use high quality component video cables 5 that support any resolution. This makes for an easy and convenient way of connecting infotainment devices to enjoy high quality visuals.

Ten RCA Plugs

Component video cables 5 have five different cables bundled together to ensure that you can connect the analog video and audio signals from one device to another. Any video signal is broken up into three components – Y/Pb/Pr – for transmission. The component video cables have three different cables to carry these signals. When you use a component video cables 5, besides the three cables for video transmission, it will also have two cables to transmit audio signals. As such the cable will have a total of ten RCA plugs – five on each side. This makes it easy for you to plug and play your electronic devices.

The component video cables 5 apart from reducing the clutter of wires needed to connect the devices also provides other advantages. When video and audio signals are transmitted using cables, there is a slight delay. While this is negligible, the picture and audio can be distorted if differing lengths of cable are used to connect the various components. On the other hand when you use a component video cable you can eliminate this distortion as all the cables are of the same length.

Up to a Certain Length

As a rule, the length of the component video cables 5 does not affect the quality of transmission up to 100 feet. However, when you are purchasing this cable, you should first determine the length of cable you need. This will help you save on the cost of the excess length and reduce the clutter caused be longer than needed cables. Moreover, the coiling of the extra cable can change the impedance of the cable. When you are looking to purchase component video cables 5 you need to check three main qualities – impedance, center conductor material, and shield effectiveness.

Keep the Cable Coil Free

Impedance is the resistance that the cable offers. While most cables have an impedance of 75 ohms, in reality, the impedance can vary depending on circumstances. As such you need to purchase a cable with a narrower range of impedance. This means you need to not only look at the absolute impedance figure for a cable but also its range. As impedance can be affected by unnecessary coiling of the cable, you need to ensure that the cable length is no longer than needed. These steps will ensure a distortion free video for you to enjoy.

Picture of Video/Audio 5 RCA Bundled Cables For HDTV/Components 100 Feet

The center conductor material used in most component video cables is copper. This is a very effective transmitter of signals and you can be sure of minimal distortion when you actually view the video and listen to the associated audio. However, some manufacturers use 5 percent silver in the center conductor to speed up the transmission. This is not needed in a majority of uses as it is more important that the signals reach the TV together than faster.


All homes and offices have a variety of electrical and electronic devices that emit noise. This can disturb and distort the video and audio signals being transmitted by the component video cables 5 unless they have an effective shield. Before you purchase a component cable you need to ensure that the shield is effective as this will reduce the distortion of the video and audio. Most often manufacturers use an aluminum shield around center conductor material of copper.

Whether you enjoy making and showing home videos, playing games using a gaming console, listening to music, or watching movies using a DVD or some other source, you can make the best use of your high quality TV only if the connections between it and the other electronic devices you are using is of high quality. This can be achieved by using component video cables 5 that will efficiently transmit video and audio signals to your TV or other display device.

By using this bundled cable you will be able to keep the space near your high end TV free of cable clutter. Additionally, connecting the devices is also easier since there is only on bundled cable to deal with. This makes plug and play simpler, leaving you free to enjoy the sporting game such as the World Series of Monday Night Football for instance or a fantastic movie such as Transformers III for example.

As Usual, Quality Matters

To ensure the best quality video and audio inputs for your TV you need to ensure that the component video cables 5 are of outstanding quality. Instead of focusing on resolution or length, you need to focus on impedance, center conductor material, and electrical shield. The length of the cable is important only in determining the cost and reducing the clutter. To ensure that you reduce the cost of the cable and also keep the area clutter free, measure the actual distance between the TV and the devices it will be connected to. This is an ideal way of ensuring that you can keep costs low even as you purchase an outstanding and well-designed cable.

Multiple Uses

You can use the component video cables 5 to connect a variety of electronic devices such as gamming consoles, computers, video cameras, and DVD players to a HDTV and enjoy watching sterling quality video and audio. To make the best of your new and improved TV, you need to ensure that the cables connecting the various devices are also technologically able to match the superior quality. This will ensure that the images and audio captured using new digital technology can be seen on the high resolution TV screens that are available.

The ease of setting up the systems using the bundled cables is another major advantage since this provides you more time to watch the game, move on to other activities, and for example, putting on the movie earlier than expected.

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