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HDMI Extensions

You’re probably not old enough to remember being scrunched up in front of a small 13-inch or 17-inch TV in your living or family room. That uncomfortable position was often required way back when, because you couldn’t tell what was happening on the screen if you were sitting all the way across the room. Those days were long ago; now everyone has a reasonably-sized television and most people have at least one large-screen HDTV.

The feeling may sound familiar, though, if you have a gaming console or other accessory which connects to your monitor or home theater by means of a short HDMI cable. You’d probably rather set up somewhere comfy to play, but the cable isn’t long enough to reach.

Picture of HDMI Cable M-F Extension Gold Plated Connectors - 1.5 Feet

That’s just one example of the major downside to HDMI connections. They provide amazing video and audio transmission, all in one cable. But in order to avoid signal distortion they’re usually six feet in length or shorter, and can’t be cut or spliced. That short cable length is also a problem if you’ve ever wanted to set up a Blu-ray, projector, set-top box or other component more than a few feet away from your TV. The optimal setup for a home theater or A/V system really isn’t to locate every element of the system three to six feet away from the monitor.

To put the problem into a single sentence: HDMI cables are wonderful, but they’re often too darn short.

To put the solution into a single sentence: you can get around the problem of HDMI cable length by using high-quality Cmple HDMI extension cables.

About Cmple’s HDMI Extensions

Our male-to-female extension cables are used in the same way as an old-fashioned AC power extension cord. The female end of the HDMI extension (the end with 19 recessed holes, which you might think of a receptacle) plugs into one of your HDMI-equipped pieces of equipment. The male end of the extension (the end with 19 protruding pins, which you might think of as a plug) connects to the unused end of the cable that runs from the other piece of equipment. As long as the connectors are the same type – presto! – you have a longer HDMI cable which can run virtually wherever you need it to go.

It’s important to know what type of connectors you’re using for your equipment, since the HDMI type A connectors on HDTVs, monitors and other home entertainment components won’t plug into HDMI type C or D onnectors (often called micro- and mini-connectors and generally used on portable devices). If you’re using the Cmple extensions for a home theater system, it’s a good bet that all of the components have type A connectors and will work perfectly with our extension cables.

HDMI Cable M-F

Whenever you’re connecting video and audio components with cabling, quality is important; inferior cables or connectors can cause major signal degradation or even a complete loss of picture or sound. But when you’re using HDMI extension cables, quality isn’t just important, it’s crucial. That’s because connection points can easily become bottlenecks for the signals, causing audio or video quality to suffer dramatically. You need an extension that’s been specifically built to ensure secure connections and low signal loss. That’s how we construct our Cmple HDMI extensions.

These cables start with 19 high-quality, low loss, tin-plated copper conductors, triple-shielded to ensure that radio frequency or electromagnetic interference won’t be able to do any damage to the audio and video signals being carried through the inner conductors. The connectors at each end of our HDMI extensions are gold-plated, optimal for reducing signal noise on any connector and (as we’ve mentioned) crucial for extension cables which must have perfect connections. The gold-plating also works to prevent corrosion over the long term. Finally, the connector housings are heavy duty and fully molded, to completely enclose and protect the connections inside. Nothing has been left to chance with these HDMI extensions.

Our male to female HDMI extension cables are fully certified as HDMI 1.3 compatible, which means they support video resolutions from standard-def 480i up to and including modern 1080p high-definition video, as well as all of the latest high-resolution digital audio standards including DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD; the bandwidth of these cables have been tested to an impressive 165 MHz. And they’re HDCP compliant, so the encryption signals used to protect copyrighted material will pass through them without an issue. In other words, they can handle any type of signal passed by your high-end home theater or audio system, and do it with flying colors.

We don’t skimp when it comes to safety, either. These cables are RoHS compliant, with absolutely no dangerous materials like PBBs or PBDE, mercury, lead or cadmium to threaten your health or the health of your family. They have also passed the flame resistance test known as VW-1, so they will withstand exposure to fire. And they’re certified by the Underwriters Laboratory, the world’s most respected certification agency for electrical components and cables. The cables are even CEC compliant, meaning they pass California’s strictest-in-the-nation energy efficiency standards.

Our HDMI extensions are available in seven different lengths: 1½ feet, 3 feet, 6 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, 25 feet and 50 feet – so whether you need just a little extra cable to reach that Blu-ray player on the shelf next to your monitor, or a lot of extra cable to reach across the room to your HDTV projector, we have an extension cable to meet your needs.

We also offer a more elegant solution for transmitting HDMI signals over very long distances: an Ethernet Balun Extender Repeater which can send your 1080p and 3D video and high-resolution audio over Ethernet 2X Cat6a, Cat6 or Cat 7 cables over distances up to almost 200 feet. When an extension cable simply isn’t long enough to do the job, this extender repeater is the perfect answer to the problem.

It’s a tricky job to create an HDMI extension which can faithfully reproduce audio and video signals. Our Cmple engineers have come up with cables that do exactly that, to give you the flexibility you need to connect all of your components without having to compromise on their placement. And they’ve done it at an astonishingly low price for cable of this quality. Stock up on these extensions; you never know when they’ll come in handy.

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