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Cmple Zombi Scholarship 2015 $1000 Winner Essay!

Oh no, they’ve found me. I can hear them approaching the house with their repulsive groaning sounds. I can’t see 10 feet past any window; I’m trapped. I feel my heart start to pound and adrenaline kick in; I freeze. But, wait! I can make a plan of attack once they enter that door. I recently bought some items from that I knew would come in handy if my house were to ever become a target. Luckily, I have a generator in the garage. I can use the little gasoline I have left to power my surround sound 5.25” Kevlar Speakers and connect them to my phone from the other room using a 75’ Stereo Audio Patch Cable. The sound will hopefully draw them into my living room, and allow me to escape. My phone has only 3% battery life left; timing is essential.

Cmple Zombie Scholarship

I hear scratching at the door; my mind numbs. It’s time. I sprint to my garage and start-up the generator. I grab one end of the audio cable from the living room and let it unravel. I crouch and hide in the small pantry, trembling and shaking, afraid they will hear the sound of my heartbeat. CRASH! The front door is snapped in two under their weight. I start to shake and breathe heavily as I plunge the audio cable into my phone’s headphone jack. My hands shake as I hear the scuffled footsteps work their way through the foyer and into the kitchen. I frantically turn my phone on. It takes an eternity. Suddenly, I hear a colorful tone come from the speakers in the living room resembling my phone’s start up tone. Motion, and time as I know it, ceased for a moment in the kitchen. The scuffles and pungent odor began to leave the kitchen, and the moaning and groaning became faint. It worked! It’s time to escape this deceptive place I once called home. I open the pantry door to see a mess of mud and blood casing my entire kitchen. I run quietly through the front door and across the yard.


Luckily, I make it to my work-shed in the back yard that houses some tools that may come in handy later. I glance around at my surroundings. I can see them in the distance, I need to move quickly. Right inside the door was a stamped box that stated, “,” with cables, cable ties, and other connectors lying loosely inside. I grabbed a handful of white cable ties, a 15’ black HDMI cable and a few blank inserts for F-type connectors. I don’t have a bag, or backpack. I’ll have to make do with what I have. The moaning has gotten closer. I’ve been detected. I grab an ax hanging from the wall right before dashing out of the shed and into the trees.

I wander for what seems like hours until I don’t hear moaning, groaning, or scuffling. I come across a peaceful water-spring area. I sit down on a rock, next to the gently flowing stream. I have so much to carry, and I need my hands clear for the journey ahead. I remove my button-up shirt and fold it to create a pocket. I poke holes in the shirt and use the blank insert as a support for the hole, and feed the HDMI cable through like backpack straps. I throw the white ties into my make-shift bag and gulp up a drink of water. The sun’s beauty captures my eye as it heads to sleep. I sigh, “This is only the beginning.”

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