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Cmple Speaker Wall Mounts and Speaker Ceiling Brackets

A lot of money went into your new home theater or audio/video system. You’ve laid out a ton of money for the equipment, and may even have bought new furniture for the room. You’ve probably spent quite a bit of time (or had your installer spend quite a bit of time) positioning the speakers in just the right spots for perfect sound.

Speaker Wall Mount

Are you really going to leave the speakers sitting on the floor, or on top of precarious stands that you (or the kids, or the dog) keep knocking over accidentally?

There’s no reason to pay big bucks for a beautiful setup and then treat the speakers as an afterthought – especially when Cmple has a great selection of attractive ceiling and wall speaker mounts for about five bucks apiece.

Ideal Speaker Placement

You already know that speakers (except for subwoofers) don’t belong on the floor. You can’t fully enjoy the higher-frequencies produced by the tweeters in your front speakers, for example, unless they’re situated so the sound reaches you at ear level. On the other hand, you normally don’t want your rear surround sound speakers at ear level, because the audio they produce will “fight” with the sound coming from the front speakers. (The one exception is for Dolby Atmos systems, which can automatically compensate for speaker location.)

Speaker Wall Mount for satellite speakers

With placement so critical, the right way to deal with satellite speakers is to either permanently install them in the ceiling or walls, or mount them in optimal locations in the room. Most people don’t have the expertise or budget to open up their ceilings and walls – which leaves speaker mounts as their best and most affordable option.

Placing your speakers on brackets has two additional benefits. The first, of course, is that you won’t have to deal with speaker wires creating an obstacle course along the floor, speakers taking up floor space and gathering dust, or speaker stands that can cause all of those issues while tipping over more than you’d like. The second benefit: you’ll have an attractive home theater with unobtrusive speakers that blend right into the décor.

Types of Speaker Mounts

Cmple offers two types of brackets which can either be used as ceiling mounts or speaker wall mounts. It’s important to realize, though, that these mounts are not designed for huge and heavy speaker cabinets or subwoofers; they can only handle typical satellite speakers with a maximum weight of 7.7 pounds, and it’s not safe to put more of a burden on them. If you have huge front speakers in your installation, these brackets are not the right choice for them. What they’re perfect for are the smaller compact or surround-sound speakers featured in most home theaters.

The first type of Cmple speaker wall mount has a low profile, with a flat plate that easily screws directly into a stud or a solid surface like brick or concrete. (Never attach a speaker assembly to plaster or particleboard without locating a stud, or you’ll quickly end up with the speaker on the floor and a hole in your wall.) There’s a spherical ball attached to the plate, with the actual speaker bracket on the outside of the ball; it may sound large, but the entire mount only extends about three inches from the wall. The assembly looks something like a miniature light sconce you’d mount to the outside of your home.

Speaker Wall Mount for satellite speakers - Black Pair

Here’s how it works. The speaker, naturally, is screwed onto the bracket, and the ball is able to swivel to allow for the proper positioning of the satellite speaker. There are both pan and tilt adjustments that can be locked into place, letting you set the speaker at the right angle to direct the sound exactly where you want it to go. Since the mounting plate is only 3½ by 2½ inches it takes up very little space on the wall, and will usually be completely hidden by the speaker itself. If desired, these low-profile Cmple speaker wall mounts can also be used to secure speakers to the ceiling.

The second model of speaker mounts is more often used for ceiling installations, for reasons we’ll explain shortly. Once again, there is a flat plate that screws onto a secure spot in the ceiling, with a two-piece vertical extension arm to which the speaker is attached; the assembly looks like an small upside-down satellite dish. The universal design with one-, two- and four-hole adapters guarantees that the bracket can hold just about any make or model of speaker. And the extension arm is able to rotate 360°, tilt 180° and pivot, allowing you to set up your speaker placement with pinpoint accuracy.

You can use these extension models as speaker wall mounts as well, but here’s why you have to be careful when doing that. The extensions rods stick further out from the wall than the low-profile brackets. That creates a leverage issue when speakers are attached and puts extra strain on the unit. For that reason, the extension mounts can only support very lightweight speakers when they’re screwed to a wall. When hung vertically from the ceiling, though, they can handle speakers up to their nominal 7.7 pound capacity.

Cmple Speaker Wall Mount Details

Each of Cmple’s ceiling/wall speaker mounts is available in either black or white to blend with most rooms and designs, and the mounts come in packages of two. They’re simple to install and come with the necessary mounting hardware.
Just as importantly, they’re lovingly designed for both form and function so they’ll look beautiful in your home and support your satellite speakers without any issue. We use the highest-quality materials to manufacture all of our products, ensuring durability and usability without adding extra but unnecessary features that simply inflate the price you pay.
Ah, the price; we’ve left that for last. Whichever style of the Cmple speaker wall mounts you choose, the set of two brackets will only set you back a little over five dollars. As with all of our products, we focus on offering the very best quality for the lowest price you can find anywhere.

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