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Cmple Cat6 550MHz Bulk Ethernet Cable: Performance & Value

At the start of the 21st century, it would have been difficult for most people to predict how incredibly fast – and how ubiquitous – home and business networking would become. If you had speculated about small businesses and even some home users installing Gigabit networks back then, you would have been considered either a visionary – or completely crazy.

Very few homes need Gigabit networks, of course. Even if you have a house full of teenagers who spend all day online, ordinary Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps, as opposed to the 1000 Mpbs of a Gigabit network) can handle the streaming of ten HD video streams simultaneously, and your Internet provider probably doesn’t even come close to delivering 100 Mbps speed.

Speed can really matter, though, for businesses with bigger pipes. And since 10 Gigabit networks are already a reality and the industry is pushing to go much higher, there’s no telling what’s in the not-too-distant future for home networking. The people predicting 200 Gig and 400 Gig networks aren’t being called completely crazy anymore. For all of those reasons, it makes no sense to use old-school Cat5e cables and equipment when installing or upgrading an Ethernet network. Future-proofing your network with Cat6 cable, designed to accommodate today’s Gigabit networks, is well worth the few extra bucks it might cost.

And with Cmple’s high-quality, high-performance Cat6 bulk Ethernet cable, it’s really just a matter of spending a few extra bucks for an outstanding product.

Deconstructing Cmple’s Cat6 Bulk Cable

Let’s start with the bottom line: performance. This Cmple Category 6 cable provides the ultimate in bandwidth, 550 MHz, and doesn’t
break a sweat at the speeds required for data transfer on Gigabit networks.

How is that possible, when this cable is less expensive than just about any Cat6 bulk cable you’ll find anywhere else? It has to do with construction. Cmple’s Cat 6 bulk Ethernet cable is impeccably designed to meet or exceed all Category 6 standards. The conductors, however, are copper-clad aluminum (CCA) instead of the pure copper used to make more expensive cables. That’s how the price of this bulk cabling can be kept extremely reasonable – as much as 50% lower than the cost of pure copper Ethernet cables.

Some people tend to look down on CCA conductors, but they shouldn’t. The only time pure copper is worth the extra price is when the cabling is going to be bent or twisted extensively, because abuse can break somewhat-brittle aluminum. For most relatively-straightforward cable runs, CCA is just as good as pure copper and a very good buy.
Cat6 cable
In every other way, there’s no difference between Cmple’s Category 6 CCA bulk cable and its pricey pure copper competitors. As we’ve already mentioned, it performs perfectly at high speeds and meets or exceeds all Cat 6 standards, which means the four twisted pairs of 23AWG conductors provide the full protection against crosstalk (AXT and NEXT) and RFI interference that’s required of any Cat6 cable. It has the same strong PVC outer jacket you’ll find on any high-quality Ethernet network cable, too.

To put it simply, this Cmple cable is built to perform and built to last. Unless you’re going to have to bend it and twist it to make it fit into tight installation windows, it’s the perfect choice for your Ethernet wiring – at a great price.

Cmple’s attention to detail doesn’t stop with the design of the cable. This product is installer-friendly, too. The 1000 feet of Cat6 cable comes in an easy-pull box, and is foot-marked so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of measuring it. Whether you’re purchasing bulk cable for long runs through a building or home, or to make smaller patch cables, you’ll be able to pull the right amount, every time.
Multicolored network cables connected to router on a white background_Side view_Red, yellow, blue, gray and white Ethernet cables
And if you have to worry about matching the décor of an office or home, Cmple gives you plenty of options. This bulk Category 6 cable is available in ten different jacket colors: white, black, gray, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink and purple. All are the same top-quality product, both inside and out.

Uses for Cmple’s Cat6 Bulk Ethernet Cable

The obvious use for this high-end, state-of-the-art cable is for long runs in a new LAN installation; 1000 feet should be plenty for even a large office, industrial facility or warehouse, and there may be some left over to build the Cat6 patch cables you’ll need for racks or direct connections to machines on the network. If you’re upgrading an existing Ethernet network, Cat6 cable is the perfect choice to replace older Cat5e cabling, since it will be able to perform at top efficiency even as transfer speeds and bandwidth capabilities continue to increase.
Cmple’s bulk Category 6 cable is also ideal for other uses. For example, in audio/video production facilities it can perfectly transfer digital Internet, video and audio signals with full protection against the interference common in those environments. It’s an equally solid choice for wiring home theater installations, particularly those dependent on streaming video.

And while it might be more convenient for businesses to purchase smaller Ethernet patch cables as they’re needed, it’s a lot more economical to have a 1000 foot spool of this high-quality Cat6 cabling on hand in order to build patches of any length, whenever they’re needed. At the low price of Cmple’s bulk cabling, it’s a worthwhile and smart investment.

Great Category 6 Ethernet Bulk Cable at a Bargain Price

If you’re trying to decide between Cat6 and Cat5e bulk Ethernet cable, don’t waste time on the calculations. We’ve done them for you. You’ll pay just an additional 3¢ per foot to upgrade from Category 5e to Category 6 Ethernet cable. In return, you’ll be getting cabling that meets all of the latest standards for bandwidth and speed, and which will remain capable of handling everything you can throw at it for many years. Couple that with Cmple’s reputation for providing the highest-quality cables and wires at the lowest possible prices, and it’s really a no-brainer. Their Cat6 bulk Ethernet cable is a high-end product at a bargain-basement price.
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