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Cat6 Bulk Cables

"Failing to plan is planning to fail."

- Alan Lakein

When you’re getting ready to install a large Ethernet network which you expect to last for many years, thinking ahead is crucial. Sure, your Gigabit Ethernet network will be incredibly fast right now, but just think back to how zippy your Fast Ethernet network seemed just a few years ago when it was chugging along at 100 Mpbs. What speeds will be possible in another few years? More importantly, will your new network be able to handle those speeds?

The most common type of cabling used for Ethernet networks over the last 5-10 years has been Category 5e cable. Cat5e cable is still fine; it can support Gigabit networks and provides very good protection against crosstalk and other types of interference. But there are limits to what Cat5a can do. It’s able to handle speeds up to one gig, but Category 6 cable has it beaten by a mile – or more accurately, beaten by 9 gigs, because Cat6 cable is suitable for uses all the way up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. With today’s geometric growth in demand for video and multimedia-capable applications expected to continue, those high speeds may be necessary even sooner than you might think.

Picture of Cat6 Bulk Ethernet/LAN Cable 23AWG CCA 550MHz 1000 Feet Orange

Many believe that Cat6 cable, first made available about five years ago, is preferable even for current Gigabit networks. That is because it has extra twists in its conductors, for crosstalk and interference protection that’s superior to the "enhanced" protection afforded by Cat5e cabling. That translates into better performance and greater reliability in data transfer.

Don’t get us wrong, Cat5e cable can do just about anything that most people need right now. But if you’re truly planning to succeed in the long run (and can afford spending just a bit more) wouldn’t an extra ten cents per foot for Cat6 cabling be worth spending, to guarantee an Ethernet installation which will stand up to the bandwidth and speed demands of future years?

Cmple Cat6 bulk cables are the ideal investment in your Ethernet future. Read on to learn more about these outstanding 1000 foot lengths of cabling, which will be enough to wire most small installations to your exact specifications, with some left over to make any extra patch cables you might need.

Cmple Cat6 Bulk Cables

Cmple’s design engineers have created the ultimate Category 6 cables for every application. They’re fast, with bandwidth as high as 550 MHz. As previously mentioned, they’re capable of the fastest transfer rates possible, up to those supported by 10 Gigabit networks. (For cable runs over a certain length, signal boosters may be required for 10-gig networks.) They meet Cat6 insulation standards to keep crosstalk interference and signal noise as low as it possibly can be. They’re backward compatible with Category 5 installations so you can "mix-and-match" cables if you’re upgrading an existing system. And they’re constructed with the finest materials available, for optimal quality, data integrity and durability.

Picture of Cat6 Bulk Ethernet/LAN Cable 23AWG CCA 550MHz 1000 Feet Orange

Here are the three types of Cmple Category 6 bulk cable you can choose from; all come in 1000 foot lengths.

  1. Solid bulk cable: this is the perfect choice for most standard network installations which don’t require lots of twists and turns, and aren’t going to be run in-wall or in-ceiling. The CCA (copper-clad aluminum) conductors are 23-gauge wire in unshielded twisted pairs, the recommended standard for Cat6 cable and perfectly suited to quality signal transmission. A strong polyvinyl chloride (PVC) jacket (in your choice of nine different colors) adds toughness to the cable, protecting the conductors against stress and the accidental tugging that comes with any computer or peripheral connection.
  2. In-wall rated bare copper bulk cable: for the very best signal conductivity and the ability to stand up to twisting or bending during installation, bare copper conductors are the way to go. This Cmple bulk cable features 23 gauge 100% bare copper wire in insulated, color-coded twisted pairs for unparalleled signal quality, with the absolute minimum of signal degradation due to crosstalk, radio frequency or electromagnetic interference. It is also protected by a sturdy PVC jacket (four colors are available) to ensure that everyday wear and tear won’t get to your conductors or affect your data transmissions. If there’s any issue with the data or signals transmitted through this Cat6 cable – check your components, because it won’t be due to the cabling. The final important feature of this bulk cable is that unlike our solid bulk cable, it is CMR rated and safe to run inside all walls, ceilings or shafts.
  3. Plenum rated bare copper bulk cable: this cabling is also 23 gauge bare copper with all of the conductivity and durability advantages of our Cmple in-wall rated bulk cable. However, instead of having a PVC jacket it comes with a flame-retardant plenum jacket, which is rated safe for runs inside ducts and building plenums without the need to protect the cable with conduit. This top-of-the-line cabling can be run anywhere in a building while meeting all building and fire codes, and any smoke emitted by the jacket if exposed to fire will be significantly less toxic than smoke coming off of PVC jackets. There’s also a polyethylene separator inside of the cable, for enhanced NEXT, ELFEXT and RL bandwidth.

Every Cmple bulk cable comes packed in a box specifically designed to make it easy to remove the cabling as you need it, without the knots or twists which often form as you feed cable off of a spool. The cables are all foot-marked so you can easily measure lengths without needing a rule or yardstick.

Cmple’s Cat6 bulk cables are designed to connect perfectly to any device you may want to include in your network, such as servers and computers, switchers and routers, printers and other network devices, VoIP phones, and media players. They can also be used for networking applications other than Ethernet, like telephony and video surveillance systems.

And best of all, you get our trademark Cmple quality without paying top dollar. Our Cat6 bulk cable is affordably priced – and as mentioned earlier, only slightly more expensive than Category 5 cable which may not meet your needs just a few years down the road. When you’re spending "dollars" for an Ethernet installation, it makes complete sense to spend "pennies" to get the very best cabling for it.

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