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Boots in the Electrical World

When it comes to adapters, there is a whole variety of adapters that can make your life much simpler and easier to manage, but you need to exactly what you want. Specialized audio adapters and connecters make setting up of your audio systems a cinch. HDMI and DVI adapters and connectors help you set up an HDMI system that boasts of complete clarity and minimal noise. One of the important cogs in the wheels of adapters and connectors is keystone jacks.

Picture of RJ45 Color Coded Strain Relief Boots 50pcs - Green

These specialized jacks are the female connectors that are used in data communications. They are indispensable when it comes to setting up a LAN (Local Area Network) connection. Boots are another component that make management of cables and wires easy, while affording you a list of benefits at a very low cost.

At, we take pride in making shopping easy for you. Whether you need XLR adapters or smaller components like keystone jacks and boots, you will find them all under one roof. Here are some of the options you can choose from.

HDMI Keystone Coupler Jack

Picture of RJ45 Color Coded Strain Relief Boots 50pcs - Green

With a durable and healthy female to female in-line HDMI capacity, the HDMI keystone coupler jack is perfect for your HDMI connector needs. It is completely RoHS complaint and allows you the feasibility to add another HDMI jack to just about any standardly equipped keystone wall plate. The HDMI coupler F/F jack is available in white, and is a perfect fit for standard patch panels, surface mount boxes as well as keystone wall plates. With gold plated connectors, this jack allows for better conductivity and display with minimal noise and interference. Installation could not be simpler because the HDMI 19P F/F keystone coupler jack comes with a snap-in type of fixture.

Flush Type USB 2.0 Keystone Jack

When you want a jack that supports computer data transfers as well as transfers from USB devices and external hard drives, the USB 2.0 Female to Female Keystone Coupler Flush Type Jack is the optimum option for you. This modular setup will fulfill your data transfer needs. As with other keystone jacks, the USB 2.0 flush type jack allows your space to be neat and clutter free by allowing in-wall wiring and cabling options. Your USB cables can be passed through enclosures, wall plates as well as panels with no problems at all. Both the Connector A on the front and Connector B on the back are female connectors.

Available in white, these are flush type couplers that are gold plated for better conductivity and minimum interference. Furthermore, the USB 2.0 flush type coupler is incredibly easy to install. It comes with a snap-in module that can be installed without too much effort or strain.

Color Coded Strain Relief Boots

Watch your (cable’s) head! If you are perpetually running into network cablings snags, it is time to get top quality protective boots. Pulling out an unprotected networking cable or wire out from a messed up tangle of cables and cords is frustrating and mind-numbing. With protected boots, you no longer need to suffer through this time and again. Standard connectors that are available with cables are convenient options when you are thinking of the network cable staying firmly and securely in place.

The standard connectors have a latch that does the job very well. However, when it comes to removing the cable out and you have to tug and pull at it, it is easy to catch other cables on your way out. Chances are that you will end up with a whole bunch of tangled cables out when you need them to be in! The protective boot is the perfect answer to this dilemma.

Picture of RJ45 Color Coded Strain Relief Boots 50pcs - Green

In general, a boot is small soft rubber cap that completely covers the connector. The material that the boot is made of ensures that the boot is still flexible enough to allow you to pull down the latch with ease. When you need to unplug a cable or wire from its jack, it is a simple matter to just pull down the latch and disconnect the cable. The only difference is that with a protective boot you will not have to worry about network cabling snags and tangles. They also provide the added benefit of making an install look professional. All you have to do is ensure that you put it on the cable before using the crimping tool to fasten the connector.

You can use the RJ-45 Color Coded Strain Relief Boots with solid and stranded round cables. They will complete the look of your patch cables with a professional touch. Compatible with Cat5, Cat5E, and Cat6 cables, these snagless boots also provide strain relief for the cables.

They are easy to install and come in a wide variety of colors so you can color code your cables and make their easier to identify, organize, and track. For cable organization and management purposes, the RJ-45 Color Coded Strain Relief Boots come in colors like black, blue, white, ivory, green, red, orange, and yellow. A single unit comprises of a bag of 50 pieces.

Know What You Want

Couplers and boots are not expensive items but while buying them, it is prudent to check that it offers exactly what you need. Ensure that it fits into the standard wall plates, mount boxes and in the case of boots, the right cables. Apart from checking the overall look and durability of the product, also check whether it meets the technical standards and compliances.

Whether you are looking for snagless boots, audio video jacks, Cat5e jacks, Cat6 jacks, inline couplers or RJ11 and RJ12 jacks, is your one stop shopping center. At the click of a button, you will be able to look through the multitude of options we have on board, filter down to the ones you are looking for and checkout in no time. It is our constant endeavor to make shopping easy for you. From adapters and networking and other cables to IR repeater kits, TV brackets and speakers, you will find everything you need right here.

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