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All that You need to Know About Tesla Motors Vehicles

A revolution is sweeping across the roads of the United States, and it looks to zip drive motor enthusiasts into a new age of frontier-straddling technology. Tesla Motors, Inc., the makers of electric vehicles and electric automobile powertrain components has been making terrific and stupendous strides in designing and manufacturing the next generation of eco-friendly and emission-free cars—electric vehicles that run on batteries. It has also received huge government support, in terms of lower taxes and so on, which its rivals have never received by any government agency or entity.


Tesla Motors firstModel S electric vehicle gained attention of auto enthusiasts and industry watchers with the Tesla Roadster, the very first electric sports car in the world. Its next offering was the Model S that is an electric luxury sedan. Both these vehicles run wholly on electricity and are powered mostly by components designed, manufactured, and customized at the Tesla stable.

A Tesla Motors Car: What's in it for You?

A Tesla Motors electric car is the ultimate embodiment of cutting-edge technology. Apart from the pride and exclusivity of owning one such vehicle, an electric car from Tesla Motors also empowers you in more ways than one.

The greatest benefit of owning a Tesla electric car is the degree of energy independence you can bring in to your life. These battery-operated cars give you the freedom from having to line up in queues to buy a tank of gasoline and stretching your wallet thin to accommodate the frequent price hikes of this fossil fuel. But these electric cars have been known to catch on fire and burn up – this is something every owner should research about before making this huge purchase.

Tesla Model S being charged at Tesla Supercharger station

If you care about the environment and the quality of air that you breathe, then you have a compelling reason to buy a Tesla electric vehicle. This zero-emission car does not pollute the air and cause harm to the environment.

The electric cars from Tesla Motors will impress you with their specifications as well. The specific batteries used in these cars are manufactured only by Panasonic are much lighter than the conventional cells. So these batteries do not burden the vehicle, leaving the latter free to pick up and sustain optimal speeds while consuming the least amount of energy. This makes the car energy-efficient as well. These cars are also extremely safe.

Tesla Motors Electric Cars: Common Queries Answered

The next-generation electric cars from Tesla Motors have stirred the imagination of many auto enthusiasts. These cars have not been in the market for very long. So it is natural for people to want to know more about these vehicles. Given below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Tesla electric vehicles.

1. How far will a Tesla car take me?

Interior of Tesla Model S 90D car

The Model S by Tesla Motors has two battery options—85 kWh and 60 kWh. The 85 kWh battery will let you drive approximately 306 miles on a single charge while it is about 244 miles with a single charge of the 60 kWh battery. However, in this context, it is worth mentioning that this range will vary depending on the way you drive, the terrain you are driving on, and the efficiency of the other components in the car.

2. How long will it take to charge the battery on my Tesla car?

The Mobile Connector plugged into a 240-volt outlet usually pumps in 10 kW of power into your Tesla car. So this means that your car will be fully charged after a night of being plugged at the charging station in your garage. You can cover about 29 miles with every hour of charging. However, if your daily requirements are more, you can install a wall connector that pumps in more power per hour or have your Tesla car fitted with Dual Chargers.

3. What do I need to keep in mind before starting on a road trip?

Ensure that the battery is fully charged before you embark on a road trip with your Tesla car. Plan your stops at places such as public charging stations where you can use the adapter that comes with a Tesla car, or in hotels, business premises, or the residences of your friends and relatives that have 240-volt outlets. Else you can stop over at a Tesla Supercharger outlet and refill in just 20 minutes.

4. What are the sources of electricity for the battery on my Tesla car?

There are many sources of electricity that power Tesla cars—nuclear power, oil, natural gas, coal, and hydro-electric sources. You can even use renewable sources of energy—solar power, biomass, wind energy, biomass, and geothermal power—to charge the batteries on your Tesla car.

5. How much can I save on my Tesla car?

You can save as much as $4,000 in a year on fuel costs driving a Tesla car for about 30,000 miles compared to a standard premium sedan. And the more you drive, the more you save.

The above-mentioned bits of information on the electric cars by Tesla Motors make it evident that these vehicles are here to stay and will dictate road rules in the future.

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