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A Written Illustration for Wall Plates

Picture of RCA Wall Plate For Component Video And Audio 5-RCA

Most people who have a home theater or entertainment room now find that they have a plethora of cables that are used to connect the various electronic devices that comprise a home theater. These can include an HDTV, a Blu-ray player, set top box, dish antenna, gaming console, computer, and so on. One way of reducing the number of cables lying around the HDTV and giving your entertainment room a cluttered look is to switch to HDMI cables that ensure that a single cable carries digital audio and video signals including for 3D images. However, even this will not completely eliminate the various cables. The solution is to use wall plates that enable you to hide the cables behind the walls and use only the HDMI port and composite cable ports and short cables to connect the HDTV to the other devices.

Multiple Advantages

Apart from reducing or evening eliminating cable clutter in your entertainment room, the wall plates have other advantages as well. They ensure that your home theater looks professional. They also prevent children and adults from tripping over the cables, protect the cables from damage either by being chewed by pets or by being dragged around when you or anyone else moves the various devices, and so on.

Easy to Install

Picture of RCA Wall Plate For Component Video And Audio 5-RCA

Wall plates are fairly easy to install and come in various styles and models to ensure that they fit your needs. Once you install a wall plate you can just plug in various HDMI devices using a short cable. However, you do need to ensure that the wall is cut to the precise dimensions of the wall panel. If this is tricky or worrisome, retain the services of a skilled electronic or home entertainment technician who can complete the work for you.

Components of Wall Plates

Most wall plates have a few basic components in common. They typically have female to female connectors that ensure easy connectivity. The walls plates are typically single plates and fit into a standard single gang J-Box or P-Ring. They can come with a single or multiple HDMI port or a HDMI and component video or composite port. These wall plates often come with an extension cable as well.

Types of Wall Plates

There are many types of wall plates. The most common are HDMI wall plate with 4 inches extension cable, HDMI dual port wall plate with 4 inches extension cable, HDMI wall plate with component video RCA, and HDMI wall plate with composite video/audio RCA.

As the names suggest the HDMI wall plate comes with a single port for HDMI cables, while the dual port wall plate has two HDMI ports. These wall plates are HDMI 1.3 compatible. The HDMI wall plates with component video RCA has an RCA connector apart from a HDMI port. The connectors are gold plated and the component video connector can connect both component and audio/video cables. This port is color coded for component video cables – green, blue, and red. The HDMI wall plate with composite video/audio RCA has audio left/right compatibility. The ports are color coded to composite video with yellow and RCA audio with red and white.

Ease of Connections

As the wall plates come with composite ports that include a HDMI port, it is possible to plug and play various electronic devices used in a typical home theater or family entertainment room. The color coding of the various ports ensures easy connections the first time round, since you need to simply match the colors of the various cable connectors to set up new connections.

Decorative Components

Wall plates not only hide a clutter of cables but come in sleek models that are decorative as well. The white wall plates can fit in with most decors and are an astounding and majestic way to reduce your HDMI cable expenses since they will be preserved safely from wear and tear behind the walls. If you have invested in high quality HDMI cables of the latest specifications and standards, you can save costs on the next HDTV set you purchase. HDTV sets no longer come with the required cables. Instead, you can simply reuse the existing cables that are well protected and simply plug in your new spectacular and tremendous TV.

Small Device with Multiple Benefits

The wall plates appear to be small and relatively simple technological innovations. However, those trying to install a home theater without the clutter of cables that typically appear with the large number of electronic devices that can be connected to the HDTV will be able to appreciate the fact that these wall plates can safely keep cables out of sight. Cleaning, moving around, and just enjoying a better visually organized room are all possible if you install or get installed appropriate wall plates with the right combination of HDMI, RCA, and component video ports.

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