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26AWG HDMI With Ethernet Cables

In an ideal world, all of the video, audio and entertainment components in your home theater, living room or family room would be located close to each other. That’s the easiest setup for remote controls to work properly, it makes life easier when you have to adjust controls and change Blu-rays or DVDs – and it allows you to use short cables to connect everything.

Short cables are perfect for the transfer of video and audio signals, even if you’re moving digital data. Short cables are much less likely to suffer interference, signal degradation or loss and they’re much easier to manage, preventing the confusing mess of wires that always seems to “grow” behind equipment and can take hours to untangle.

HDMI Cable with Ethernet

We don’t all live in an ideal world, though; there are times when components must be situated quite a distance away from each other. In today’s world where content is shared across multiple platforms, there are also times when you might want to connect your home theater components to a computer on the other side of the room.

In all those situations, a normal HDMI cable won’t do. Those cables are normally thin ones with a width of 28 or 30 gauge (28AWG or 30AWG), and their resistance and bandwidth capacity won’t allow for optimal signal transfer over distances longer than 15 feet. When you’re dealing with components that are separated by as many as 25 feet, you need a thicker cable. That’s when our Cmple 26AWG high-speed HDMI cables are a life-saver.

There’s more to the story, though. So many of today’s audio and video components require Internet connectivity that it often makes more sense to use what’s known as an HDMI with Ethernet cable. Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, video game systems like the Xbox One and PS4, and set-top boxes or dongles that stream video from Internet sources like Netflix all must have online connections. And if you don’t have a wireless hub in your home, or if it can’t accommodate some of those devices, you need hard-wired Ethernet connections.

You could certainly run individual Ethernet cables from your hub to each of the devices. You’ll get connectivity, but you’ll end up with an absolute bird’s nest of cables that looks terrible and is nearly impossible to trace if there’s ever a connectivity problem. Or…you could use a single, convenient HDMI with Ethernet cable which transfers digital video, digital audio and Internet data, all on the same cable.

For those connections that are just a few feet apart, Cmple has a wide range of 28- and 30-gauge high-speed HDMI with Ethernet cables you can choose from. But when you are facing a long 25-foot run between components that need Internet connectivity as well as video and audio connections, our 26-gauge HDMI with Ethernet cables, thicker than standard HDMI cables, are just what the electronics doctor ordered.

Cmple’s 26 AWG High-Speed HDMI with Ethernet Cables

Every bit of the technological design and meticulous construction that is the hallmark of Cmple’s cables is exemplified by our 26AWG HDMI with Ethernet cables. The high-quality conductors are shielded perfectly by reinforced, quad-layer braided shielding covered by Mylar foil, preventing signal interference from stray electromagnetic or radio frequency waves – particularly important when dealing with a 25-foot run of cable. The PVC outer jacket is large gauge and built to withstand any sort of accidental impact or the repeated stress of contact with the sides of furniture or unexpected foot traffic. The connectors aren’t just attached, they’re attached with molded strain-relief construction that prevents broken conductors or connections when a cable gets pulled or twisted. And the connectors themselves are gold-plated, for corrosion-resistance and perfect connections to the jacks on your components.

High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet 28AWG - 6 Feet

We’ve made sure that our Cmple 26AWG high-speed HDMI with Ethernet cables are able to work hand-in-hand with today’s advanced video and audio components. They’ll flawlessly transfer video signals with resolutions as high as the 4K (2160p) that can be displayed on modern Ultra HD monitors and TVs, as well as standard high-definition 1080p, 1080i and 720p signals, and the standard-def 480p and 480i that’s used by older DVD players. There are several different ways that 3D TV signals are produced, and these cables can handle all of them perfectly. You’ll get all of the vibrant, deep color made possible by the latest color spaces like Adobe YCC601, sYCC601 and Adobe YCC601. And these cables can provide error-free transfer of modern high-resolution audio signals produced by systems like Dolby Digital TrueHD and DTS Master Audio.

As for Internet signals, our 26AWG high-speed HDMI with Ethernet cables can handle all of the fast data transfer necessary to bring movies from Netflix, Hulu and other services right into your system, as well as the web surfing and social media interaction made possible by many of today’s Smart TVs. All of it happens seamlessly, just by interconnecting your devices with these cables to one device that has a functioning Internet signal; all of the devices will then be connected and will share the same IP.

Naturally, since these cables meet or exceed all HDMI standards, they include the other HDMI 1.3 and 2.0 features you’d expect like a two-way audio return channel and support for HDCP copyright protection that allows you to watch your movies without the dreaded “ERROR: NON-HDCP OUTPUT” message popping up. And since the signals are being transferred over what would normally be “too long” a run to use standard HDMI cables without signal boosters or other extra technology, the use of these 26AWG cables makes all the difference in the world.

We only offer our 26AWG high-speed HDMI with Ethernet cables in one length: 25 feet, in your choice of either black or white. That may seem like it’s limiting your choices, but it’s really not. If you have components that are closer together, our large selection of 28AWG HDMI with Ethernet cables will do you just fine. But for longer cable runs, you need thicker cable with higher bandwidth capacity. And Cmple’s 26AWG 25-foot cables are what you’re looking for.

They’re made with our trademark Cmple care, and offered at our equally-famous low prices. It’s the perfect combination.

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