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14 Gauge Speaker Wires

Picture of 14AWG Clear Jacket Compact Speaker Wire Cable – 100 Feet

Cmple offers a complete range of 14 Gauge speaker wires. Our product range can be divided into two main classes: 14 AWG CL2 Conductor Loud Speaker Cable and 14 AWG Clear Jacket Compact Speaker Wire Cable. Both these products are generally used for wiring and connecting the speaker components of a home theater system.

The 14 AWG CL2 Loud Speaker Cable is a simple-to-use solution for all your wiring needs. It comprises of an outer jack that is white in color so that it is unnoticeable on most walls. This makes it ideal for all those applications in which in-wall wiring cannot be implemented. Its usage is not limited to this and it can be easily be used for internal wiring as well. The fact that the 14 AWG speaker wire is CL2 rated makes it all the more preferable because it has been designed so that it can meet most of the building codes.

The 14 AWG Clear Jacket Compact Speaker Wire Cable is characterized by features like low signal loss and high purity, which makes it the number one choice for high tech speakers. The cable comprises of two conductor clear strips for matching polarities. The above mentioned categories are available in a variety of ratings and lengths so that they can suffice the needs of all customers. Choose any of the following products depending on your needs; you will not be disappointed after using them.

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