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Cmple is devoted to manufacturing & reselling exceptional products and offering the best brands. Our dedication is the reason we chose to be a Fermax authorized dealer.
When it comes to intercom systems, one company name stands out as having been on the cutting edge since way back in 1949. That name is Fermax.
Fermax is a Spanish company, originally formed and still operating in Valencia, Spain, but with subsidiaries and office all over the world. Its analog and digital access control systems, intercoms and communications products are sold and used in more than 70 nations. Once you have a chance to use one yourself, you understand why; the products are simply outstanding.
Here are just some of the “firsts” that Fermax has recorded over the years. It was behind the interphone radio, the first radio intercom ever created for professional and industrial use. It created the Fonoporta, the first electronic entry system. Fermax received a worldwide patent for its novel digital video entry system for residential complexes. The company received design innovation awards for its convex Cityline electric door phone panel which is now used in 1.5 million buildings. And Fermax continues to break new ground today with new products including advanced video-panel access control and management systems, touchscreen entry systems and biometric access readers.


The company produces the extremely popular 2EASY entry system kits that are a staple of installers throughout the Western world. These kits allow simple installation of either video or audio access systems thanks to a two-wire, non-polarized design, while providing all of the functions of a modern intercom unit. The audio kit is suitable for single family homes and apartment buildings with as many as eight apartments, while the video kit can handle apartment buildings twice that size. The kits can also be used to retrofit older installations with ease.

Fermax offers systems for much larger buildings, of course. At the top of the list is the MDS Digital video and audio entry system, which can accommodate 10,000 homes or apartment per central unit – and with the interconnection of 63 central units possible, more than half a million apartments or other spaces can be managed by one MDS Digital system. You probably don’t need that capacity, but smaller Fermax systems utilize the same technology and are made with the same expertise and care.

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