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DataComm Electronics

About company

Georgia-based DataComm Electronics has been a market leader in the manufacture of a wide range of innovative structured wiring products for use in home theater and A/V system projects since 1998.

There have been three keys to the company’s success. The first is keeping each product simple and easy for installers to use and the second is manufacturing products that are reliable and high-quality, yet affordable. Most importantly, DataComm prides itself on constant communication with installation professionals to determine their needs, accept their suggestions and devise the products which will make systems easy to set up and cost-effective to implement. More than any other manufacturer, DataComm loves to tackle projects suggested by customers and bring innovative solutions to market.


Many of the product categories the company is best known for involve the installation of today’s ultra-slim HDTVs and audio/video components. A good example is their line of recessed low-voltage media plates, created to allow duplex AC receptables and multiple A/V and HDMI cables to all fit behind modern TV mounts with easy installation and no additional hardware required. Similar products are available for commercial grade applications.

DataComm also offers products specifically created for the needs of installers who are setting up larger-scale infrastructure projects. Small, medium and large-sized enclosures for home command centers accommodate full, integrated support for modern media and security modules; full, standard-sized patch panels and wall-mount brackets are ideal for Cat5e and Cat6 Ethernet installations.
Naturally, the DataComm’s product lines also include an enormous range of hardware designed to work with their systems: patch cords, keystone jacks, plates and inserts, wall plates for phone jacks and coax connections, décor inserts and dozens of different coax and BNC connectors. They’re also major suppliers of the cables and electronics required for home theater applications, such as high-speed HDMI and optical cables, splitters and extenders, speaker mounts and gang plates.

DataComm is well-known throughout the industry for its high-quality and reasonably-priced products that are perfect for most applications. It’s why professionally-designed home theaters and Ethernet commonly feature so many of the company’s products – installers have come to rely on DataComm.
We at Cmple only make & carry first-rate products and brands. That is why we are a DataComm Electronics authorized dealer.

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