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Tagged: Cat 5e Plenum Cables

Ethernet networks that are run in commercial buildings often require special cabling. Cat5e plenum cable meets that need; it’s bare copper on the inside, fire-resistant on the outside, and top-quality throughout. Cmple’s bulk 1000 ft Cat 5e plenum rated cable meets National Fire Protection Association standards so it will pass building inspections, and more importantly, won’t help spread flames or emit dangerous fumes in the event of a fire. Our 24AWG plenum cable (Cat5e) is safe to run anywhere in buildings too, so you can also use it for riser, in-wall, in-ceiling or standard applications. Additionally, it’s ideal for replacing older Cat5 plenum cable, to be cut into smaller plenum Cat 5e cables for making connections, and for brand new installations; our Cat5e shielded plenum cables are priced right and available in ten colors: white, black, gray, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple, red and pink.
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